Web Chat


Web Chat customer service solution from Puzzel

Puzzel offers comprehensive Web Chat capabilities allowing agents to respond to multiple Chat enquiries, all managed within one interface. All enquiries are queued and routed to the appropriate skilled agents and can be switched on and off automatically depending on agent availability.

Just like telephone calls, Chat conversations can be easily transferred to other agents and queues. Agents can even consult with other agents via private Chat messages which are hidden from the customer, helping agents obtain the exact information they need quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of Puzzel Web Chat Solution

  • Delivers faster, enhanced customer service by ensuring Web Chat requests are handled by agents with the right skills and within pre-defined service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Reflect a professional, polished image with special features such as spell-check functionality and personal dictionaries
  • Allow agents to provide a smooth experience by allowing them to co-browse with the customers, ensuring efficient communication
  • Quality monitoring is made easy with Puzzel as each conversation is recorded. Customers are also given the option to have the chat conversation transcript emailed to them for future reference.
  • Stay up to date on key metrics such as agent productivity and customer satisfaction with rapid and responsive analytics available within the Puzzel platform.

Multi-device Support
Puzzel is proud to offer a complete Web Chat multi-device solution, allowing your customers to interact with you via a smartphone, tablet or PC. The open API allows easy integration directly into your website or mobile app, making the customer experience completely seamless.

Design flexibility
Ensure your branding is maintained as Puzzel’s Web Chat interface is completely flexible allowing you to change the font, colour, shape and size of the Web Chat interface as well as add your logo.

Web Chat structured messaging
To get fast, accurate and precise feedback from your customers, structured messages are available to tailor the dialogue, allowing business transactions to be completed and recorded in a safe and efficient manner and incorporated right into your Chat experience.

Web Chat survey
Never miss the opportunity to capture the ‘voice of the customer’ by including a survey at the end of every Web Chat conversation, allowing you to easily monitor the quality of service you are providing.

URL tracking
Puzzel’s Web Chat solution allows you to understand your customer’s browsing behaviors by enabling you to track the URL history of the session. This allows you to offer a service that’s personalised and relevant every time.