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Leave customers smiling while keeping costs low

Puzzel Contact Centre

Designed in the Nordics, our CCaaS platform provides all the tools, channels and functionality needed to simplify the complex. Automation ensures that agents’ time is spent more productively, data analytics provide managers with precious insights, and most important of all, customers receive a quicker, more convenient resolution.


Through automating manual, repetitive tasks and supporting agents with AI tools, agents and managers reclaim the capacity to focus on quality agent-customer time. 


Create a seamless, end-to-end user experience across all channels. Resolve problems and queries quicker, and free your agents to provide the value-added personal touch that customers remember.


All your contact centre metrics are visualised in a single dashboard, providing managers with the insights they need to optimise your contact centre’s performance.

  • Boost customer satisfaction
    When your customers’ contact centre experience is fast and effortless, brand satisfaction and loyalty soar. Together, we make it happen.
  • Engage agents
    Our smart contact centre tools provide agents with the resources and support they need to  develop and thrive.
  • Keep costs low
    When inefficient, legacy IT infrastructure is replaced with a modern CCaaS solution, the cost-savings can be incredible – especially when automation is used to replace manual, repetitive tasks.

Connected experiences across channels

By using the latest cloud-based technologies, our Contact Centre platform provides customers with a seamless experience across all channels. Customers have the freedom to easily move across channels or from self-service to assisted service without ever changing devices or experiencing any disconnection.

Contact Centre – features in detail

Agent Productivity

By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, our Agent Assist technology helps agents fill in any knowledge gaps and provide an outstanding level of customer support. New recruits are on-boarded quicker, and old-hands supplement their knowledge with the latest information.

Our Agent Assist technology analyses written and verbal conversations and instantly suggests the best possible answers based on the topic and context. Agents interact with a familiar chatbot interface which operates like an intelligent Virtual Assistant or Knowledgebase. And because AI works best when it’s listening and learning in turn, agents are actively encouraged to rate the quality of information provided.

Designed for an exceptional customer experience

Maybe it’s because of our Nordic roots, but we believe that contact centres should start with the people, not the tech. By applying the design principles of test and learn, our platform has evolved into one of the most flexible solutions on the market. The perfect solution in fact, to help you realise the customer experience you’ve always wanted.

Customer-freedom is central to our approach. By allowing customers to switch quickly and effortlessly across channels, you’ll optimise their experience at every touchpoint. And when communications benefit from a more visual approach, exciting new technologies like video calls and screen sharing, help ensure a speedier resolution.

Insights into success

Our Performance Management tools allow busy managers to aggregate, monitor and scrutinise their staff performance. By consolidating data from across your contact centre’s systems, our intelligence gathering dashboards provide a single, standardised framework that reports against the key metrics you need to operate at your optimal best.

Our highly visual interface allows managers to customise key performance indicators, like queue times and channel preference, or compare team and individual performances against historic data. Simple, fast and hugely insightful.

Trusted by award-winning businesses

luke sambridgeaffinity water

“It wouldn’t have been possible without Puzzel”

“Our resolution time decreased from five days to three. It wouldn’t have been possible if we didn’t have Puzzel’s omni-channel solution in place!”

Luke Sambridge, Head of Customer Strategy & Experience

“Great team and great support”

“Great team and great support. Always willing to listen and explore ideas with you and also share their experience to help you shape your services.”

Matthew Phillips, Assistant Director of Housing at Newlon Housing Trust

“Puzzel allowed us to have multiple users dealing with all incoming enquiries.”

“These ranged from course enquiries, directions to the three campuses, to funding enquiries.”

Declan Fallon, Glasgow Clyde College

Frequently asked questions

Cloud contact centres are hosted and operated in the cloud. They are a modern alternative to traditional on-premises contact centres, where all hardware, software and infrastructure is stored and used onsite. Cloud contact centres are typically more agile, scalable and cost effective than on-premises contact centres, which require costly in-house support and maintenance. Many Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) providers offer complete cloud contact centre solutions on a pay-per-seat model. Cloud contact centres are particularly popular among companies that wish to offer flexible work from home arrangements for their agents.  

Omnichannel contact centres can provide seamless customer service and support across multiple channels. While customers may choose to make an initial enquiry via email, they may then continue with that enquiry on social media or on the phone. Most omnichannel contact centres offer service across voice, email, web chat, social and SMS.  

Skills-based routing ensures customers are directed to the first available agent with the highest skills to handle their enquiries every time. Here’s how it works in the Puzzel Contact Centre:

  • All interactions from all channels are delivered to an agent via a contact centre queue. 
  • Skills assigned with the agent determine which queues the agent may service, and their priority amongst the pool of agents for that queue.
  • When there are requests in a queue and an agent becomes available, Puzzel automatically allocates the request that has been waiting the longest time (with the highest service-level agreement or SLA score). 
  • When more than one agent is available, Puzzel automatically allocates the request to the best agent (which has the highest SLA-score on the queue), and if all available agents are equally skilled, the one with the longest time since last offered a request is chosen.  

The Puzzel Cloud Services are built on secure state-of-the-art components. Depending on the requirements and services selected, Puzzel offer services from our own data centres in Norway and Sweden as well as Azure and AWS in Ireland, Netherlands and the UK. Data processing takes place in Europe (EU/EEA and UK) and follows European regulations and requirements regarding data protection and data privacy.

Yes. IP restriction and customer-specific whitelists are supported.

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