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Empower customers with Puzzel for energy and utilities.

Our CX platform is tailored to meet the unique challenges faced by your organisation, empowering you to provide efficient and reliable service to your consumers, faster.

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Trusted by Europe's customer experience  leaders.

The CX platform that is built for today's
customer experiences.

Your industry is constantly changing and evolving. And so are your customer's expectations. The Puzzel CX Platform helps you address today’s customer experience and empowers your organisation to deliver faster, personalised service across all channels 

Energy and utilities


  • Address standard service questions,
    quick and easy 
    Use self-service that simplifies application processes, enables swift reporting of power outages, and resolves billing queries, all designed to empower your customers to take control of their energy needs with ease and efficiency.

  • Build trust with proactive service updates 
    Need to share updates? Make sure your consumers are informed proactively with BOT engagement and SMS notifications, whether it’s about energy prices or water supply changes, ensuring transparency and trust.

  • Bring empathy in times of crisis 
    With relevant information on a consumer’s current energy or utilities setup at hand, your agents are fully equipped to give the empathy they deserve.

  • Encourage consumers along their
    journey with your service 
    Not all consumers’ needs are the same - so we empower your organisation to identify high-value consumers at risk of service discontinuation, so you can offer tailored support that truly impacts their experiences. 


Transform the customer experience with
next-generation technology.

We continuously develop our CX platform drawing from the experience of hundreds of businesses like yours, making sure you’re always a step ahead. Our CX platform lets you deliver fast, personalised service to build long-lasting relationships and win customer loyalty. 

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Connected experience across channels.

Meet your consumers where they are, in the best channel. Our cloud-contact centre platform offers true omnichannel capabilities, allowing consumers to interact with your organisation through their preferred channels. Whether it's phone, web, email, chat, or social media, you can provide a consistent and cohesive experience that meets the diverse needs of your consumers. 

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Deliver tailored support for every customer.

Offer the support that best matches your customers’ needs. Let them find answers on their own through intuitive self-service and offer proactive support at the right moments, whether it be a chatbot or directing them to an FAQ page. And for moments when a personal touch is necessary, simply connect the customer to an agent who has the information and context they need to deliver the empathetic, human support your customers deserve.

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Efficient support, 24/7.

Empower your consumers to find answers quickly and easily with our self-service tools. From chatbots that handle common queries like billing, to Knowledge Hub that provide detailed information like energy prices, our solutions reduce the burden on your agents while improving consumer satisfaction. 

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Simplify your digital transformation.

With more than 25 years of experience building tailored customer service solutions and helping businesses migrate to the cloud – we are the technology partner you can trust to guide and support you on your digital transformation journey. Our cloud solutions are ISO 27001, ISO 27701 and ISO 9001 certified, so you can ensure the highest quality service and security for your consumers. 

Fully integrated in your workflow
A platform that scales with you.
Your customers are always changing. We continuously develop our CX platform drawing from the experience of hundreds of businesses like yours, making sure you’re always a step ahead. Our Contact Centre platform lets you add new features or expand your operations as you grow, easily and simply.

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