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Deliver powerful banking experiences for every consumer.

Transform consumer interactions into lasting relationships. Our CX platform addresses your unique challenges, empowering you to deliver efficient, reliable service that builds consumer loyalty and trust.

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The CX platform for modern money management.

Your industry is constantly changing and evolving. And so are your consumers’ expectations. The Puzzel CX Platform helps you address today’s banking experience and empowers your organisation to deliver secure, personalised service across all channels.

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  • Drive personalised banking experiences 
    Give tailored support using website intents and engagement triggers to improve self-service. And when self-service falls short, agents have full query context for better follow-ups. Plus, with AI tools like customer sentiment and response recommendations, personalised support gets even better.  

  • Smarter self-service for everyday banking 
    Give your consumers intuitive self-service tools to easily navigate your service offerings, manage accounts or replace a card, empowering them to take control of their own money management. 

  • Boost your agents  
    Take some stress off your agents’ shoulders. Use self-service and AI bots to handle common queries and free up agent time. And with tools like Agent Assist and Knowledge Hub, agents can quickly access relevant information, ensuring faster query resolutions and a smoother agent experience. 


Transform the banking experience with
next-generation technology.

We continuously develop our CX platform drawing from the experience of hundreds of businesses like yours, making sure you’re always a step ahead. Our CX platform lets you deliver secure, personalised service to build long-lasting relationships and win consumer loyalty.  

Boost your agents to deliver world-class service

Personalise every banking experience.

Equip your team with the information and context they need to deliver better service, tailored to every consumer. Our CX platform can integrate with any CRM, ensuring you get a full view of your banking customers. This way, your agents can deliver personalised, tailored support to every consumer, in the right channel. And, with AI-enhanced tools like Agent Assist, your agents get automated customer sentiment and response recommendations, empowering them to deliver personalised support, faster.

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Reliable support when and wherever your consumers are.

Consumers want fast and efficient support, no matter when and where. Offer true omnichannel capabilities, allowing them to interact with your organisation through their preferred channels - whether it's phone, web, email, chat, or social media. Enable them to find answers quickly and easily with intuitive self-service tools, from chatbots that handle queries like account details to Knowledge Hub that provides detailed information like pension schemes. Urgent scenarios? No problem. Let consumers block stolen cards or report on fraud effectively, ensuring all accounts are protected, 24/7. 

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Modern banking experiences for today's consumers.

Online banking is here to stay. Enhance your consumers' digital journeys and engage with them at the right moments in their website navigation, offering proactive support to help with repetitive tasks, such as filling out forms, resetting passwords and answering common questions. Identify customers at risk of abandonment, such as those leaving a loan application, and reach out proactively to support their journey. And where self-service won’t cut it, simply connect consumers to agents with full query context, so your consumers get the human support needed for more complex queries.

Transform the insurance experience with next-generation technology

Secure cloud solutions for modern banking providers.

Be the bank your consumers can count on. With more than 25 years’ of experience building tailored consumer service solutions and helping businesses migrate to the cloud – we are the technology partner you can trust to guide and support you on your digital transformation journey.

Fully integrated in your workflow
A platform that scales with you.
Your customers are always changing. We continuously develop our CX platform drawing from the experience of hundreds of businesses like yours, making sure you’re always a step ahead. Our Contact Centre platform lets you add new features or expand your operations as you grow, easily and simply.

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