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Elevate insurance for lasting policyholder relationships.

A single claim can be the difference between a negative experience and a loyal policyholder. Our CX platform simplifies insurance processes and empowers you to deliver efficient, reliable service that builds lasting consumer loyalty.

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The CX platform for simplified 
insurance experiences.

Your industry is constantly changing and evolving. And so are your consumers’ expectations. The Puzzel CX Platform helps you address today’s insurance experience and empowers your organisation to deliver secure, personalised service across all channels  

The CX platform for simplified insurance experiences

  • Make your consumers’ claim
    processes quick and easy

    Supply consumers with tools to easily request a quote or make a claim through your website. And if they get stuck, offer proactive help with co-browsing, live share or video, assisting them with more complex tasks

  • Manage high-volume claims with ease
    No more inbox chaos. Be efficient with a case management system that routes and sorts inbound emails. And, with workforce management, ensure your contact centre is always well-staffed, empowering agents in their daily tasks 

  • Bring empathy in times of crisis  
    With information on a consumer’s insurance setup at hand, agents are fully equipped to give the empathy they deserve. And, with skill-based routing, consumers are forwarded to the right agent, for effective support when direct contact is needed the most. 

  • Empower your agents
    Take some stress off your agents’ shoulders. Use self-service and AI bots to handle common queries and free up agent time. And with tools like Agent Assist, agents can access relevant information, ensuring faster query resolutions and a smoother agent experience.



Transform the insurance experience
with next-generation technology.

We continuously develop our CX platform drawing from the experience of hundreds of businesses like yours, making sure you’re always a step ahead. Our CX platform lets you deliver simplified, personalised service to build long-lasting relationships and win consumer loyalty.  

Boost your agents to deliver world-class service

Boost your agents to deliver world-class service.

Reduce agent attrition and make your agents feel empowered. Let efficient self-service solutions handle repetitive queries like policy updates, freeing up valuable time for agents to focus on the conversations where it truly matters. Use Case Management to effectively route, sort and prioritise high volumes of inbound emails, reducing inbox chaos. The result? Smoother operations, empowered agents, and faster query resolutions.

Personalised experience for every policyholder

Personalised experience for every policyholder.

Equip your team the information and context they need to deliver better service, tailored to every consumer. Our CX platform can integrate with any CRM, ensuring you get a full view of your consumers and their insurance setup. This way, your agents can deliver personalised, tailored support to every consumer, in the right channel. And, with AI-enhanced tools like Agent Assist and Knowledge Hub, your agents get automated consumer sentiment and response recommendations, empowering them to deliver personalised support, faster.

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Insurance made easy.

Insurance claims can be complex enough as they are. Support your policyholders with intuitive self-service solutions that empower them to find answers easily on their own. Enhance their digital journeys and provide proactive options that are tailored to their online navigation, whether it be guiding them to a policy website or offering video to help fill out a claim form. And where self-service won’t cut it, simply connect consumers to agents with full query context, so your policyholders get the human support they need to resolve complex queries.

Transform the insurance experience with next-generation technology

Secure cloud solutions for modern insurance providers.

With more than 25 years’ experience building tailored consumer service solutions and helping businesses migrate to the cloud – we are the technology partner you can trust to guide and support you on your digital transformation journey.

Fully integrated in your workflow
A platform that scales with you.
Your customers are always changing. We continuously develop our CX platform drawing from the experience of hundreds of businesses like yours, making sure you’re always a step ahead. Our Contact Centre platform lets you add new features or expand your operations as you grow, easily and simply.

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