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Workforce Management.

Save time on complex workforce scheduling and keep your contact centre effectively staffed, at all times. With an optimised workforce, your agents get time to focus on what they do best – delivering first-class, personalised support to your customers.

Workforce Management

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Elevate team performance with
simplified workforce management.



Forecasting precision at your fingertips.

Take the guesswork out of forecasting and scheduling. Our forecasting tool automates otherwise complex and time-consuming tasks for flexible, multi-skill and multichannel contact centres. By using your contact centre’s historical data, your managers and resource planners can create, edit and finalise staffing demands for your contact centre, quickly and easily.



Workforce schedules, made in minutes.

Reduce the time spent in day-to-day contact centre staffing with a workforce management system that simplifies the scheduling process. With our scheduling tool, resource planners and managers can quickly create optimised schedules and make changes in real-time. Plus, with multi-skill scheduling you are better equipped to offer customers the service level they deserve

WFM Software Solution

Real-time adherence

Keeping your operations on track.

Stay ahead with the insights you need to keep your contact centre workforce fully optimised at all times. With our real-time adherence feature, you can understand how the contact centre is performing and make changes on the spot. See at a glance what your agents are doing and understand any deviations in real-time.

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Reporting and analytics

Enhanced insights for better workforce management.

Save time with standardised workforce reporting for more efficient processes. Gain valuable insight into your staffing, and view agent shifts, adherence and holiday requests. Support your HR function with payroll reports, including overtime reporting. Integrate with other systems using our APIs, to enrich your reporting capabilities by syncing data from other systems critical to your business 

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