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Outbound Dialler

Outbound Dialler from Puzzel

Puzzel Outbound Dialler enables more efficient use of agents’ time in contact centres and sales organisations. Puzzel supports preview, power and predictive modes plus CRM integration.

Outbound Dialler Modes:

  • Preview Mode – Call agent first
    With preview mode, the Dialler queue calls an agent first and information about the contact that will be called is presented in an Puzzel screen-pop or in the agent’s CRM/support/sales system
  • Predictive Mode – Call contact first
    With predictive mode, the Dialler calls contact numbers first, and only when a contact answers, the Dialler finds an available agent and connects them to the answered contact
  • Power Mode – Call contact first if available agent
    With Power/Progressive mode, the Dialler calls contact numbers first, but calls are only placed when an agent is available to handle the call.

Features of Puzzel’s Outbound Dialler functionality include:

Campaign Management
Campaign Management utilizes call blending for automated outbound calling. By importing a call list of outbound numbers into Puzzel, the contact centre’s efficiency is improved as outgoing calls can be automatically activated when agents are available. To increase response it is also possible to define certain periods for when outgoing calls should take place.

One or more campaign queues can be defined within the Puzzel platform, and agents can have profiles to answer campaign queues only, or profiles including both inbound and outbound queues.

When an agent is offered a call from a campaign queue, information about the contact is presented to the agent. The agent can then categorize each answered call and optionally reschedule it to a more suitable time.

Call Blending
The Puzzel Outbound Dialler handles call blending, which makes it easy to combine inbound and outbound calls in a seamless manner. Outgoing calls from a list are set with a lower priority compared to normal incoming calls. This increases the efficiency of the contact centre’s resources as outgoing calls activate automatically. Organisations can use it in numerous ways – to call prospects, conduct market research, or even chase for payment.

The Benefits of Puzzel Outbound include:

  • A single, integrated platform which delivers a seamless, highly personalised service
  • Increased efficiency by providing outbound services during off-peak hours without the need for manual intervention
  • Automation to deliver round-the-clock contact centre services, drive efficiencies and increase customer satisfaction
  • Call blending increases agent productivity, streamlines staffing and improves customer service