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Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics Solution from Puzzel

Puzzel Speech Analytics allows organisations to collect valuable feedback from thousands, even millions of customer calls that can be used to support faster, improved decision-making and take corrective action when necessary. Puzzel Speech Analytics was developed in collaboration with Verint, meaning businesses of all sizes can now benefit from this market-leading cloud-based Speech Analytics solution.

Unlike traditional premise-based solutions, Puzzel Speech Analytics is lower in cost, takes less time to implement, requires no capital investment, is easily accessible for remote workers and nimbly scales up and down in line with changing business requirements.

Furthermore, Puzzel Speech Analytics can process, retain and mine the entire content of calls not just previously defined keywords and phrases. It recognises accents, dialects and slang and can even accommodate specialist words such as technical or industry terminology.

Puzzel Speech Analytics is designed to report proactively on significant contact centre activity based on automated trend analysis of terms, phrases and category activity over multiple time periods. If a certain word, phrase or category is being used more or less often it is automatically flagged as a Customer Behaviour Indicator.

Benefits of Puzzel Speech Analytics:

  • The self-learning Category Wizard can automatically analyse and categorise calls based on how customers express themselves. This gives organisations a powerful competitive advantage, as well as the opportunity to correct process or service issues before they escalate
  • The solution incorporates a unique “TellMeWhy” feature, which can help organisations quickly identify potential underlying root causes for specific calls. This can be particularly helpful for identifying critical information that may not otherwise be apparent such as repeated references to a competitor’s offering or a pattern of customer dissatisfaction with a particular product or service
  • Organisations can use Puzzel Speech analytics to pinpoint cost drivers, trends, competitive threats and opportunities; identify strengths and weaknesses with processes and products; and understand how offerings are perceived by the marketplace
  • Out-of-the-box functionality reveals and analyses trends that might otherwise go undetected without listening to thousands of calls
  • Provides a clearer understanding of the drivers behind customer loyalty across the enterprise.