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Update your contact centre by integrating with the existing telephony infrastructure

Puzzel can direct calls to any telephone number regardless of location or device, allowing contact centres to retain existing equipment or to replace it fully or partly with Puzzel integrated WebRTC based Softphones. Puzzel also supports hybrid environments with telephony equipment from different manufacturers including mobile devices outside the enterprise infrastructure.

We often see projects where the introduction of Puzzel means the replacement of existing phones and Private Branch Exchange (PBX) infrastructure can be postponed giving customers the opportunity to consider a new enterprise telephony architecture. This is possible because the Puzzel solution provides modern capabilities such as flexible self-serviced IVR, recording and reporting that would only be possible using the current PBX through major upgrades.

With more emphasis being placed on internal collaboration within organisations, unified communications (UC) and collaboration technologies are often introduced along with the contact centre. Beyond directing calls to these applications, Puzzel supports integration to presence information taken from major UC/PBX suppliers both for the purpose of detecting agent availability or to search in Puzzel for presence indicators for colleagues outside the contact centre.

In some cases, landlines are not always the best indicator of availability, with more people using mobile phones as their primary means of contact. Puzzel has the ability to integrate with mobile presence from major international carriers allowing presence to be included in a search in the agent desktop.

Puzzel allows users of Skype for Business to initiate internal Skype Chat conversations from the agent user interface, which means that they are able to consult expert workers not logged into the contact centre. The user could quickly locate the necessary person by accessing an interactive directory, engage in a text messaging session, and then escalate the session to a voice call, or even a video call – all within minutes.