Sales Intelligence

More efficient and engaging outreach,
to boost your sales process

Research shows that 60% of customers state that when they talk to customer service and sales, they feel like they talk to different companies1. The disconnect between service and sales teams can hinder the customer experience and impact sales. 

Sales Intelligence bridges the gap between your customer service strategy and sales outreach. One platform for support and sales means simplified workflows, increased automation, unified data and less IT redundancy. Create a coherent, consistent experience across all touchpoints – for a successful cross-selling strategy. 

  • Productivity: With tools and automation that frees up valuable time, agents can focus on customer conversations. 
  • Experience: Improved collaboration between support and sales creates a seamless experience for customers – and happier agents with more time and energy to invest in human interactions. 
  • Insights: More data sources in one place and customisable dashboards allows agents and managers to always track their performance.  

Smart dialler 

Boost agent productivity with automated dialling that allows you to have customers ready for when agents will be available. Sales Intelligence can predict agent availability based on a range of criteria, so automated dialling is more efficient. The call will display with the receiver’s local area code, increasing response rates. 

Sales Intelligence’s dialler options have different types of automation so you can pick the kind of technology that best matches your company. 

Booking system designed for hybrid teams 

Sales Intelligence’s geolocation-based booking system is designed to streamline collaboration for teams split between the office and field work. Book easily with suggestions on available time slots that factor in commute time, minimising communication between teams in different locations. 

The calendar integration allows agents to book appointments in other team members’ calendars without hassle. Agents can book in seconds with more efficiency and less travel time. Teams work seamlessly with simpler workflows. 

Insights that matter 

Managers can visualise over 80 KPIs and they can customise Sales Intelligence’s real-time reporting dashboard. Agents can track their own performance against targets – even in-between calls. 

How can I learn more?

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