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Enhance every conversation with smarter dialling.

Reach more customers with diallers tailored to specific scenarios and drive meaningful conversations, faster.


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A dialler for every conversation.

Improve pick-up rates with the right dialler. Whether you need simple call automation to drive sales or more complex solutions for specific outreach requirements, our platform lets you choose between four diallers designed for various scenarios and campaign types. And with automation and contextual information at hand, agents are better equipped to provide tailored, meaningful conversations that drive conversions, faster. 

outbound conversations

Boosting agent performance with automation.

Make your agents' jobs easier with smart dialler automation tailored for specific campaigns. Reduce the time agents spend manually dialling and finding numbers, ensuring more time for agents to focus on the actual conversations. Plus, with call blending, agents can handle incoming calls efficiently without disrupting their outbound flows. 

outbound call centre

Close more deals, faster.

Boost your answer rates and increase the chances of customers picking up. With local ID number display, regardless of outbound call location, your calls look familiar, increasing chances of connecting with customers. Plus, through automation, you can reach more customers in less time and let agents fully focus on the conversation with the customer. 

outbound calling

Deliver high-quality conversations every time.

Equip your agents with the tools they need for impactful conversations. With skill-based routing for outbound calls, agents are matched to the right customers based on their expertise. Agents can preview customer details and history, allowing them to understand the context and deliver personalised, meaningful interactions. This ensures every conversation is handled by the most suitable agent, enhancing the overall quality of your customer engagement.

Features of Diallers.

power dialling option

Preview Dialling option

Navigate customer cards with ease.

Automate the flow of customer cards for efficient and effective outreach.

  • Guide agents to the right customer card
  • Automate the flow of customer cards
  • Blend callbacks seamlessly
power dialler

Power Dialler

Reach more customers in less time.

Handle a big customer outreach more effectively.

  • Automatically dial another phone number once a call is completed
  • Ideal for small sales teams with a large customer base to contact 
forced preview dialler

Forced Preview Dialler

Deliver personalised conversations.

Ensure agents have the context they need with customer details and history available at a glance.

  • Similar to Power Dialler but with added functionality for reviewing customer details and history at any time
  • Admins can set up a delay in the automation
  • Ideal for scenarios where customer context (e.g., interaction history) is crucial for exceptional support or sales
outreach diallers

Predictive Dialler

Connect with customers, easily and efficiently.

Enhance productivity with automated call scheduling and seamless call management.

  • Auto-dials the next call based on predicted agent availability
  • Skill-based routing for outbound calls
  • Call back if unanswered or picked up by answering machine
  • Local ID number display regardless of outbound location
  • Call blending: inbound calls are routed to agents in outbound flows if needed
  • Set a target abandon rate/silent call rate 
Empower your contact centre with the Puzzel CX Platform.

The different diallers are available in Puzzel Sales Intelligence, which is an add-on to Puzzel's CX Platform. The Puzzel CX Platform combines Contact Centre as a Service with Self-Service Automation capabilities. This helps you consolidate all your contact centre technologies in a single platform, so you can focus on what matters most – providing delightful customer experiences, regardless of channel.

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