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Empowering exceptional CX: Puzzel’s AI-driven innovations.

Jeanine Desirée Lund
Content Marketing Specialist
Puzzel's AI driven innovations

For the last few years, AI has been a hot topic, no matter your industry or business goals. And it’s no wonder, considering that clever AI deployment can help organisations power intelligent customer experiences, automation and optimisation, revolutionising their ability to deliver timely and relevant customer experiences.

At Puzzel, we have long believed in the transformative power of AI and have invested in cutting-edge AI technologies since day one. This is why we were recently awarded the 2023 European Company of the Year award from Frost & Sullivan, thanks to our innovative CCaaS solutions and advanced AI capabilities. 

What you can do with Puzzel’s AI capabilities

With so many solutions, we know it can be challenging to understand the depth and breadth of our capabilities. But don’t worry, we’re here to help!

In this blog, we summarise the innovative solutions that have contributed to our success and demonstrate how our most innovative products can help your business deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Harness the power of conversational AI with Agent Assist

Puzzel’s Agent Assist is an AI-powered solution that acts as an assistant to agents. Using Natural Language Understanding (NLU), the tool interprets customer enquiries and extracts relevant information. Agent Assist analyses the ongoing conversation between the agent and the customer, identifying relevant keywords and suggesting appropriate responses or actions. By providing personalised recommendations, Agent Assist enables agents to deliver tailored and empathetic service, promoting customer loyalty and satisfaction. Puzzel’s Agent Assist integrates seamlessly with Puzzel Smart Chatbot or an existing chatbot.

Implement efficient self-service with an AI-powered Chatbot

Puzzel Smart Chatbot is a contextual conversational AI chatbot that can assist with both sales and customer service 24/7. The chatbot takes care of repetitive requests, allowing agents to focus on more complex enquiries. The chatbot uses Natural Language Understanding (NLU), which enables it to understand the sender’s question better. Based on this, the chatbot initiates appropriate actions, including text replies, co-browsing or handling account issues such as supporting with login or account details. Whenever the chatbot is unable to provide further support, it seamlessly transfers the customer to a human agent along with a summary of the customer’s history and details.

Puzzel Smart Chatbot resolves an average of 55% of all customer enquiries without involving a human agent. By implementing Puzzel Smart Chatbot, businesses can reduce handling time and save costs. 

Use generative AI and ChatGPT to streamline customer interactions

Puzzel Case Management’s robust case management system simplifies the management of incoming customer cases, questions, and requests. The solution enables agents to maintain, assign, and track cases throughout their entire lifecycle, ensuring no questions go unread or overlooked – an important element in ensuring your customer satisfaction levels remain high. Additionally, automatic routing ensures cases are assigned to the most suitable agent based on capacity and experience.

Integrated with ChatGPT, contact centres can leverage Generative AI and save valuable time for customer service agents so they can focus on more urgent and high-value interactions. Through this integration, the system can automatically categorise the priority of the inquiry as “Low, Medium, and High.” Moreover, it can suggest responses, which agents can customise before sending to the customer.

Master the digital customer journey with Digital Engagement

Another product Frost & Sullivan highlights in their analysis is our Digital Engagement. With Puzzel Digital Engagement, businesses can track, monitor, and analyse customer behaviour on their website. By gathering information about customer navigation and items in their shopping carts, they can understand when customers need support. Depending on each customer’s behaviour and value, you can set specific interaction rules and, at the right time, utilise the most effective solution, be it a phone call, chatbot, or simply offering a discount. The result is higher conversion rates, lower costs, and an improved customer experience.

Compliant hybrid cloud architecture for European Data residency

Data security and compliance with regulations are important concerns for our customers. This is why we have implemented a hybrid cloud architecture for our CCaaS platform. By utilising both private and public data centres, Puzzel ensures full compliance with European data storage requirements. This approach provides customers with the assurance that their data is protected while enjoying the benefits of a flexible and scalable cloud-based solution.

Thanks to our powerful AI capabilities, our customers can benefit from a platform that seamlessly enhances contact centre capabilities, transforming customer experiences.

Don’t just take our word for it. Book a demo today and see how Puzzel’s AI-powered customer engagement platform can help you transform customer service in your organisation.
To find out more about Puzzel and Frost & Sullivan’s Company of the Year award, download the report.

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