Smarter email and SMS for busy contact centres and happy customers

Managing message requests can be super challenging 

  • Using an email client to manage customers’ emails doesn’t allow you to allocate the right agent to each inquiry and creates a disconnect with other messages coming via SMS or social media.
  • Customers using email as a support channel, often find themselves lost in long email threads, waiting for days to receive a response without any way to check the status of their inquiry. 
  • Using different systems to manage messages coming from various channels create inefficiency and can lead to confusion within your team on who’s working with each inbound inquiry.  

How can Case Management help?

  • Increases customer satisfaction by improving the quality of your communications. Easily assign messages to the right agent based on experience, knowledge and capacity.  
  • Improves your customers’ experience with email support by giving them a space where they can check the status of their support requests.
  • Strengthens contact centre efficiency with automated processes that route your email and SMS more efficiently. Manage team tasks effortlessly and use templates for consistency in communication. 

Case Management – at a glance

Case Management makes your agents’ life easier by enabling them to manage your customers’ messages (SMS, email, social media) in one place. With the new feature, Customer Hub, it can also improve your customers’ experience with email support, by offering them a space where they can check the status of their email requests. 

Connected experiences

Improve your customer’s messaging experience by automatically assigning the best agent for each case, based on both experience and capacity. Serving customers faster and effectively will increase their experience rating.   

Customer trust

Help your customers to get rid of disorganised email threads and the frustration of not knowing the status of their case. Give them more control and visibility over their cases. 

Contact Centre productivity

Improve your contact centre productivity with automated workflow rules, ensuring that messages are always assigned to the best agent, based on both knowledge and capacity. 

Case Management – features in detail

Automatically create a case from an inbound message 

Every inbound e-mail, SMS or social media message will automatically be converted into a support ticket and assigned a unique ticket ID. Each ticket is then categorised and assigned to the right team, agent or handled automatically. Agents can visualise the full list of tickets and their relative attributes, like owner and priority, in one single interface.  

Automated Workflows

Manage your workforce more effectively by setting up permissions and assigning messages to the right agent, based on skills and availability. Using relevant keywords, managers and supervisors can set up filters that tag messages and route them to the best agent or team. Managers can automatically convert ongoing conversations into a single thread so that resolved enquiries can easily be archived. 

Customer Hub

Improve your customers’ experience of email support by saving them from the headache of disorganised email threads and the frustration of not knowing the status of their case. Customer Hub gives your customers more control and visibility over their cases, increasing the level of trust in your brand and their loyalty. 

Manager Reporting 

Case Management allows managers to design and generate their own custom reports as standard. You can set these reports to generate automatically at a frequency of your choice and be emailed to you. You can also view reports built by other users, if they have shared it with you.   

Trusted by award-winning businesses

“I can’t imagine how we would deal with 100,000 emails if we didn’t have Puzzel’s system.”

“We can produce a history of all enquiries, establish rules for managing incoming voice calls, chats and emails, and have it all integrated in the one solution. I can’t imagine how we would deal with 100,000 emails if we didn’t have Puzzel’s system.”

Tommy Kolling, Head of Customer Service at Bauhaus

luke sambridgeaffinity water

“It wouldn’t have been possible without Puzzel”

“Our resolution time decreased from five days to three. It wouldn’t have been possible if we didn’t have Puzzel’s omni-channel solution in place!”

Luke Sambridge, Head of Customer Strategy & Experience

Josh Kirkbride photoSimply Business logo

“Makes life so much easier”

“Multi-selecting out of adherence events is brilliant and a feature I hadn’t thought of but makes life so much easier.”

Josh Kirkbride, Resource Planner at Simply Business

“Delivering world-class customer service”

“We were looking for a solution that combined the flexibility and scalability necessary to make changes and respond quickly to changing client requirements. Skills-based routing of calls was essential to delivering world-class customer service.”

Sasha Memedovic, Head of Service Delivery at fm24

Frequently asked questions

Email Case Management streamlines communications between customers and contact centre agents. An effective case management system enables customer emails and SMS messages to be prioritised, tracked, tagged and assigned. The best systems make use of automation technologies to assist at every stage, and have powerful administration tools that enable centre managers to adjust workflows in response to capacity and workforce demands.

Contact centres with omnichannel capabilities require a case management system that can seamlessly integrate email into their wider communications ecosystem. They need to be confident that the system they use can provide the same standards of response times and customer satisfaction as voice, webchat and social media.

Contact centres require a system that enables them to resolve sales, support and general enquires quickly and confidently. Expect automated workflows that tag and direct messages to the most appropriate agent; keyword intelligence that automatically identifies topics and customers, and administration tools that enable managers to react quickly to workforce fluctuations of capacity and expertise.

Email case management systems should help ensure customers who use email and SMS messaging feel valued and listened to. The system should recognise customers as individuals and ensure their communications are resolved quickly and satisfactory by always assigning them to the most appropriate agents. Our data is stored in two data centres located in Norway. We rent colocation space, cooling and power, but manage the rest ourselves. Puzzel has implemented geo-redundancy and the data centres also have full local redundancy on all levels. All components and services are N+1. All data is stored within EU/EEA. 

Email and SMS case management systems use technologies like keyword recognition and automated tagging to recognise when multiple communications relate to one another. Separate communications from individual customers can be reconciled into manageable threads which can be easily archived when the conversation is resolved.Yes. IP restriction and customer-specific whitelists are supported.