Flexible Chatbot Solutions with Puzzel

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Extend the hours and capabilities of your contact centre by adding chatbots into the mix. A chatbot is a computer program that simulates human conversation, or chat through artificial intelligence (AI). The reasons chatbots have become a hot topic in contact centres include a rise in mobile penetration and messenger apps, more accessible technology and rapid advances in AI technology. But what does this mean to most contact centres?

Benefits of Puzzel Bots:

Modern-day contact centres plan to offer a multi-channel customer experience incorporating a combination of voice, web chat, social, email and SMS channels and bots fit seamlessly into this environment to:

  • Answer enquiries 24 x 7 with no holiday or sick leave required
  • Handle multiple simultaneous chat sessions without delays between answers
  • Integrate into existing business logic for consistency and speed
  • Free up time for human agents to deal with more complex or emotive issues
  • Handle peaks in demand without additional headcount

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