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Customised Integration

Customised integrations for contact centres

New communication channels and real-time interaction are an opportunity and a challenge for today’s customer service operations. To ensure next generation customer service IT systems that talk to each other are essential to provide an overview of the organisation’s knowledge of individual customers. Integration of information allows a more tailored and personalised service and/or increased self-service capabilities.

For contact centres to utilize information from corporate internal systems, Puzzel provides a wide variety of integration options. However, many businesses have in-house systems or customised solutions tailored for their own specific needs.

For this reason, Puzzel provides a range of bespoke integration options enabling systems to dip into the knowledge and functions of Puzzel using Application Programme Interfaces (API’s). In addition, incoming requests can be analysed and business logic applied based on information accessed by Puzzel in your own IT systems. Decisions like queue priority, additional agent information, diversion to self-service solutions, customisable IVR flow or service availability. When an agent receives an incoming request a set of integration options appear where Puzzel can send or receive information to or from other systems at different points in a customer interaction, like sending start, stop and specific events to a CRM system in real-time.

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