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WebRTC/Softphone from Puzzel

Puzzel takes advantage of WebRTC, a technology that enables audio streaming between browser clients supported by the world’s leading vendors. WebRTC provides Internet browsers and mobile applications with Real-Time Communications (RTC) via simple application interfaces (APIs).

Agents on the platform will be up and running and connected to Puzzel within a matter of minutes without the need for any infrastructure at their location aside from a Chrome web-browser, headset and an active internet connection. Should there be interruptions in internet connectivity, agents using Puzzel can quickly switch between the headset and mobile or landline phones to maintain service levels.

Benefits of Puzzel WebRTC/Softphone:

  • Softphone from Puzzel enables agents to answer calls directly from their computer and removes the need to rely on external telecommunications devices such as landlines or mobiles providing greater flexibility
  • The unique way that Puzzel has designed its WebRTC infrastructure means that any combination of agent and customer on a WebRTC endpoint and traditional telephony will work seamlessly together.