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Manage Callback requests with Puzzel

Why make customers wait? The Puzzel contact centre solution can manage all types of call-back requests – everything from traditional voice calls, SMS messaging and enquiries from web pages. This provides a quick and convenient way for customers to make contact, without having to wait in a queue for a response. Instead they simply request a call-back and the next available agent makes an outbound call which is only connected once it has been answered.

Call-Back in Puzzel is flexible and rules regarding priorities over other enquiries can be easily defined. The solution makes it possible to offer call-backs in the following ways:

  • Callback from a phone queue: Callbacks are offered usually once the customer arrives in the queue but only if, for example, there are more than 20 callers ahead of them. This number can change according to service level agreements and preferences. Callbacks can also be offered after the caller has been waiting for more than x seconds / minutes without a reply, or if the estimated wait time exceeds a certain length.
  • Callback from a website: A customized “Call Me” button can be included on an organisation’s website to fit its needs.  A very simple button would only ask for caller’s phone number, while a more advanced one would ask a caller to select the subject of their request, a postal code etc
  • Callback with an SMS: Callbacks can be requested by sending an SMS to an access number with a given code word which is then routed to Puzzel. The access number and the code word are used to place the customer in the correct queue. The organisation has the option to use a common Puzzel-access number or define its own 5-digit number to receive SMS and then port it to Puzzel.