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Get ahead with

Puzzel Academy

Flexible training and personal development for
contact centre professionals.

Introducing Puzzel Academy

Situated at the heart of our online Neighbourhood, Puzzel Academy has been designed to support busy Contact Centre professionals like you. Our certified online courses are carefully structured to meet your personal level of knowledge, experience and availability.

At the academy, you’re able to follow a structured course or dip-in as required to our impressive library of tuition videos and learning modules.

With a personalised dashboard and e-learning plan, you’ll be achieving top grades in no time!

Why choose Puzzel Academy?

  • A dedicated platform that takes a modern, blend approach to learning
  • Personalised dashboards with learning plans carefully matched to your needs
  • Extensive e-learning content including microlearning modules and engaging tuition videos
  • Certified courses and fun digital badges and micro-rewards
  • Flexible reports and a visual progress bar to keep track and measure learning