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Call Flow Tool

Call Flow Tool in an easy to use interface

The Call Flow Tool is an integrated part of the Puzzel platform which allow contact centre managers to design the call flow (route) for interactions in an easy to use interface. The functionality has a number of modules, giving contact centres the flexibility they need to quickly make changes. These include:

  • Time – routes the caller to the correct destination based on defined opening hours
  • Audio – makes announcements to the caller
  • Menu – plays an announcement to the caller, and routes the call based on digits entered by the caller
  • Caller Input – A menu module for collecting input from the caller and storing it (e.g customer number, reference number, post code) to be used later
  • Queue – entertains the caller while waiting for an available agent
  • Call Back – used to order a call back when the caller is waiting in a queue
  • Call –direct calls to a specific destination number.

There are many more specific actions that can be designed all within the Puzzel platform which allow contact centres to be more reactive and proactive to improve customer service.