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Knowledgebase Solution from Puzzel

Turn every agent into a seasoned expert with a comprehensive knowledgebase solution. Puzzel’s knowledgebase interface is available to agents via a web app and can be accessed from the agent application. Quick and easy access to relevant information allows agents to resolve enquires faster and more consistently.

Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Optimise agent efficiencies: provides quicker problem resolution capabilities for agents to easily find the right answers, first time – increasing first contact closures
  • Lower average handle times (AHT): eliminates the unnecessary instances of agents placing customers on hold to gather the information they need to serve the customer
  • Single interface: supports multiple knowledgebases to be accessible from the same application
  • Contextual information: dynamic search allows fast lookup of related articles and categories
  • Click-2-Copy button: easily share information from the knowledgebase to an on-going interaction
  • Supports rich content: document attachments, images and links for a more structured and meaningful dialogue with the customer