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Admin Portal

Puzzel Contact Centre Administration Portal

At the heart of Puzzel’s highly flexible and scalable cloud contact centre solution is a powerful contact centre administration portal which acts as the engine room, continually driving increased productivity, closer customer contact and improved service levels. Totally web-based, it provides managers and supervisors with a comprehensive range of tools to improve contact centre management with real-time monitoring, detailed statistics and the ability to make critical service changes, live in the contact centre.

Real-Time Call Centre Reporting
Puzzel provides a range of real-time monitoring tools including dashboards, tickers and wallboards:

  • Dashboard data is updated every 15 seconds providing managers with  the latest information to support more proactive, faster and improved decision-making
  • Tickers show in real-time the total number of requests received and answered per access point, per queue and per user group, over daily and weekly periods
  • Wall boards provide the option to have multiple fully customised view of the operations of the contact centre – adapting the design and the data to meet the needs of each department or user group.

Benefits of Puzzel’s Contact Centre Administration Portal include:

  • Access to detailed historical reports for improved decision making
  • The ability to define and build special reports and wall boards. These reports can be saved to a variety of formats and easily exported to third party applications
  • Monitor contact centre activity in real-time and set up automated alarms to maintain service levels
  • Change profiles and provision new agents instantly
  • Set opening hours and holiday routing
  • Manage audio and IVR from a single point to save time and resource
  • Access Puzzel’s Quality Monitoring Portal
  • Initiate Silent Monitoring for quality control