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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) with Puzzel

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology is a fully automated and effective way to route inbound calls to the most skilled and relevant department to handle enquiries. When done well, IVR reduces cost, speeds enquiry resolution and increases customer satisfaction. With the Puzzel IVR solution, customers can complete simple self-service transactions, providing them with access to services 24×7 without extra staffing or operational costs.

The benefits of Puzzel IVR include:

  • Puzzel IVR automates many of the routine tasks carried out by agents, freeing them up to concentrate on more skilled enquiry resolution
  • No need for dedicated or local IVR equipment
  • Puzzel’s cloud-based technology means infinite IVR capacity whenever and wherever needed; no need for ‘stand-by’ queues and no engaged tones
  • Increased productivity – call volumes can be distributed evenly across multiple sites, queues or agent groups to deliver an accurate, speedier service
  • User control messaging means organisations can customise contact centre greetings, at any time, from any place to inform callers about unforeseen events or emergencies, quickly and efficiently
  • Tight integration with other business systems. For example, by instantly pulling in data from the central CRM system, agents can offer a more personalised service to customers.