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Queue Management

Multi-channel Queuing Solution from Puzzel

With Puzzel, every channel (Voice, Email, Social, Web Chat, SMS) is managed by the same intelligent routing algorithm. This means every customer gets a consistent response whatever the channel. Wait times are dramatically reduced and queues are minimised.

Contact Centre managers can also set different priorities for each channel, allowing agents to focus on enquiries that matter most to their business. For example, when volumes are high the system can turn off channels such as chat, allowing agents to concentrate only on voice enquiries.

Real-Time Performance Monitoring:
Using Puzzel, agents can see and change, in real-time, their status in the queues they are logged into. They also have visibility of other agents’ status and activities. Puzzel can also be configured so that a warning message is displayed if too few agents are active in a queue.

Benefits of Puzzel and Multi-Channel queuing

  • A truly multi-channel environment means that agents can receive and respond to enquiries regardless of channel – Voice, Email, Social, Web Chat and SMS
  • Supervisors can see the total number of requests queued at any point in each channel and make adjustments as necessary
  • Different SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) can be assigned to different queues and agents switched between queues as required
  • The ergonomic and straightforward user interface brings managers and agents up to speed quickly with little or no training
  • The ability to transfer calls quickly via the search functionality inside Puzzel enhances the customer experience and speed of resolution regardless of channel used.