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We’re always innovating and releasing new features to keep your contact centre up to date with the latest CX and technology trends. Check out our newest releases for cutting-edge customer service and agent engagement below.

Customer Hub

Puzzel’s Case Management solution now includes Customer Hub. Customer Hub helps you improve your customer’s experience of the email channel by avoiding them the headache of disorganised email threads and the frustration of not knowing the status of their case. Customer Hub gives your customers more control and visibility over their cases, which increases the level of trust in your brand and their loyalty. The Customer Hub also includes advanced routing capabilities that ensure customers are connected to the right agent every time. Puzzel’s Customer Hub empowers businesses to deliver exceptional customer service and build long-term customer relationships.

Puzzel Customer Insight

Puzzel’s admin portal now includes Customer Insight, a new feature designed to gather valuable feedback directly from customers. With customisable surveys and feedback forms, businesses can gain insights into customer satisfaction after each contact centre interaction and use this information to improve the customer experience. Customer Insight also offers advanced reporting capabilities, enabling businesses to track customer satisfaction trends over time and identify areas for improvement. Overall, Puzzel’s Customer Insight is an invaluable tool for unlocking customer feedback and it’s available on the contact centre platform. 

Puzzel Sales Intelligence

A powerful tool that improves sales agents’ productivity by automating manual tasks, like dialling phone numbers and looking for customer info. Agents have more time to focus on customer conversations, bringing real value to their experience.  

Sales Intelligence’s core functionality is the intelligent dialler, available in four modes: power, progressive, predictive and smart. The product also features capabilities developed with the aim of making sales agents’ and their managers’ lives easier. It targets key challenges, such as when customers don’t pick up the phone or don’t complete the purchase, too many admin tasks, poor lead quality and lack of customer insights. 

Puzzel Smart Chatbot

Our new AI-powered chatbot solution enables you to provide 24/7 automated customer service on your website. Unlike standard chatbots, our bot can be trained to answer FAQs and handle routine service tasks, such as creating accounts, resetting passwords and fetching status information for customers, saving your team time and money. It can also track customers’ behaviour on your website, prior to and during interactions, to better understand their needs and deliver a smarter customer experience. 

Puzzel Performance Management

How many hours do you spend each week gathering data from your various channels and systems, importing it into your analytics system, and then analysing the reports? With Puzzel Performance Management, we’ve streamlined the process and consolidated all your contact centre KPIs and metrics in one place. You can create targeted KPIs based on your channels and business queues, and visualise both teams’ and individual agents’ performance against these goals in real-time, in one solution. 

Puzzel Digital engagement

With almost 90% of customer journeys now starting online, businesses today need to deliver compelling customer service, sales and marketing experiences on their website. Puzzel Digital Engagement enables you to engage visitors from the moment they land on your site and nurture them with proactive, personalised customer support in real-time through AI-powered messaging and collaboration tools.

Real-time Reporting Dashboard

Contact centre leaders need to be able to quickly gather and analyse data from all different sources to assess their performance and decide on next-best actions. Our new Real-time Reporting Dashboard makes this easier than ever, with all your most important metrics displayed live and visually in one place. 

Real-time Voice Interaction Analytics

Puzzel can now analyse customer calls in real-time and provide agents with suggested responses to questions based on the caller’s dialogue and mood. These responses are pulled from your knowledgebase, chatbot solution, and/or historical transcripts, so agents can solve problems quickly and consistently.

Visual Media

Visual Media enables customers to visually demonstrate their product or service-related problems to an agent. Using a mobile device, they can initiate a one-way video call to explain and show the problem, such as a burst pipe or faulty device, in real-time. During the call, the customer can freely switch between their front-facing and rear-facing cameras. They can also take a photo or video of the issue and send it to the agent.

Puzzel Quality Assurance

Just 3% of customer interactions are currently evaluated in contact centres and even less are acted upon. With Puzzel Quality Assurance, you can monitor the customer interactions that matter most to your business, extract key, actionable insights, and deliver personalised coaching programmes that have a real impact on your agent performance and improve customer experience.

New Marketplace partners

The Puzzel Customer Service Platform can now integrate with leading analytics, security, routing and wallboard apps: Lumoa, Eckho, Optymyse, Intramanager, Value-ad and Securifid. For more information about our partners and available integrations, check out the Puzzel Marketplace.

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