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Join our Neighbourhood and become a Puzzel Partner

A client will never forget the partner that helped their business deliver great customer experiences through the power of a cloud-based contact centre solution.

About us

Hallo! We’re Puzzel – a cloud-based Customer Service Platform dedicated to helping businesses of all shapes and sizes, from smaller enterprises to global corporations, manage their customer interactions and support their busy teams.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the industry, we’re well established, growing fast and profitable! Our solutions are used by more than 1000+ businesses across 40 different countries and have been recognised by leading market analysts for their innovation and excellence.

We work with hundreds of corporate partners to provide world-class customer experiences across Europe. Our partner ecosystem is committed to connecting organisations and improving contact centre solutions through digitisation.

Four reasons to choose Puzzel

  • Our 20+ years of experience in CX will build credibility with your customers and set you aside from the competition.
  • Sell with supported demand generation so that you can see predictable margins and make money.
  • You will be part of our valued community and ecosystem, and your offer will be tailored to you.
  • A secure platform that will create happy reference customers who will help you win more business.

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    Leading CCaaS innovator in Europe

    Our Value Partners

    Start-up or well-established, the advances in technology are increasing with
    sophistication but there could still be room for expansion. Meet your perfect partner.

    Our Alliance Partners

    Our platform not only encourages organisations to share their knowledge, but presents an opportunity for implementation too. Discover your technology partner today.

    “We’re very pleased with our partnership with Puzzel. Our Ncontactcenter product is a proven, integrated cloud solution that is trusted by leading contact centres of all sizes across Europe. Our integration enables additional AI capabilities that give customers personalised, relevant and instantaneous communications across multiple channels. By partnering with Puzzel we’re able to satisfy these new demands and crucially deliver a game-changing solution that enhances the CX.”

    Myles Leach, Managing Director, NFON (UK)

    “To be able to deliver services that add value and enable our customers, Telenor needs to partner up with the best. Our partnership with Puzzel helps to make sure our customers can deliver customer service across all channels in one solution with high availability and quality.”

    Mathias Garneij, Commercial Manager, Telenor

    “Puzzel is our most important partner on CC solutions. Together we deliver what the market wants!”

    Robert M Aaslie, Digital Architect, NetNordic

    Trusted by award-winning businesses

    Puzzel Marketplace

    All you need for seamless integration

    Puzzel Marketplace offers out-of-the-box integrations and upgrades to enhance your clients’ customer service system, allowing their Puzzel solution to grow with their business. Fancy being featured on the Puzzel Marketplace? Get in touch with a member of our partnership team today.

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