Customer Insight

Save 50% of your time when you survey your customer base

Your challenges with customer surveys 

  • Creating – from scratch – a survey that is both unique to the situation and to the channel, just to ask your customers “how did we do?” after an interaction.  
  • Spending 50% of your week collecting data from different channels, importing it to a different space and making sense of it.  
  • Sifting through tonnes of data to identify trends and link customer feedback to agent performance. 

How can Puzzel Customer Insight help?

  • Allows you to use templates to create surveys and automatically send them via any channel easily.
  • Enables you to visualise all customers’ responses, from different channels, in one place. 
  • Visualises customer feedback trends so you can quickly identify outliers. It also makes it easy to link customer responses to agent performance. 

Create a survey

Customer Insight allows you to create a survey from a set of templates, like CSAT and NPS, and automatically send surveys after each interaction, via any channel.

The survey designer enables you to customise the survey by adding a logo, description, translating it to several languages, asking close-ended and open-ended questions and using conditional logic (If, Then).


Customer Insight allows you to visualise all customers’ responses, from different channels, in one place – the admin portal. You don’t need to collect data from different places and spend hours making sense of it. With Customer Insight, you can see all customers’ responses in real-time, filtered by type of customer or feedback, as well as individual or aggregated data.

Actionable insight

Customer Insight enables you to visualise customer feedback trends and quickly identify outliers.

Customer feedback is also linked to agent performance, thanks to the connection between Customer Insight and Performance Management. This makes it easier for you to identify whether the reason for the customer’s feedback is the agent interaction and where the agent needs to improve.

How can I learn more?

To explore how Puzzel Customer Insight can help you create engaging customer surveys and automatically send them via any channel, book a demo now.