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Puzzel Contact Centre Reporting

Puzzel’s web-based central management portal provides supervisors with a powerful range of tools to improve contact centre management. Real-time monitoring and detailed statistics put managers in complete control of their environment, enabling them to make critical service changes live in the contact centre.

A wide range of features help supervisors deliver a highly personalised and efficient service to customers. Puzzel makes it possible to export data to an external system (such as workforce management) and compare planned values such as number of enquiries in queue, service level agreement (SLA) score or waiting time with the actual results held within Puzzel’s central management portal.

Using Puzzel’s Quality Monitoring solution, supervisors can visually analyse:

  • The customer journey through the engagement centre
  • Through which channel and menu an enquiry came in
  • Customer wait times
  • Which agent answered the enquiry
  • How long the enquiry took and if it was transferred elsewhere.

Benefits of Puzzel Contact Centre Reporting

Puzzel’s central management portal is the engine room of the cloud contact centre and:

  • Enables maximum contact centre management and reporting through real-time monitoring, access to historical records, detailed statistics and the ability to make critical service changes on demand
  • Allows a high degree of configurability – including customised reports, wall-boards and even services
  • With data updated every 15 seconds, managers have the latest information readily available to support more proactive, faster and improved decision-making
  • Gives clear visibility of the entire contact centre environment which supports faster, improved decision-making
  • Puzzel’s rich functionality helps deliver an efficient, highly personalised service to customers
  • The 100% web-based nature of Puzzel means users can access the system from any location and from any device
  • Accurate Management Information demonstrates value and provides hard evidence to make meaningful changes
  • Real-time data enables supervisors to track the performance of agents and the overall contact centre against agreed key performance indicators (KPIs) and service level agreements (SLAs)
  • A graphical display of conversations in the Quality Management portal helps managers deal with escalated queries and spot any operational change requirements quickly, leading to better complaint resolution and call retrieval.