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Agent Assist

Improved customer experience with Agent Assist from Puzzel

The contact centre environment is becoming increasingly complex for agents as virtual assistants (aka bots) and other self-service solutions deal with routine and simple tasks. As a result agents are taking on a more challenging role of advisors to help with complicated inquiries. At the same time, efficiency demands are still made based on average enquiry handling time, skill and customer satisfaction. Consequently, the training demands for the steady flow of new agents, as well as for existing agents, are high and ever-increasing.

Agent Assist from Puzzel addresses these challenges by helping the agent to resolve inquiries by automatically presenting the assistance they need to handle a given enquiry. Through utilisation of complex AI solutions, Agent Assist gathers relevant information from previous enquiries as well as the ongoing request to suggest responses and provide information to the agent to resolve the enquiry more efficiently.

Agent Assist consists of five main functions:

  • Contact management
  • Interaction history so that the agent has full visibility of any past interactions
  • Transcription of interactions to extract meaning, context and sentiment
  • Chatbot & AI-powered response suggestions
  • A knowledgebase to bring the most relevant knowledge to the agent’s attention.

Agent Assist from Puzzel makes it easier to fill knowledge gaps and reduce staff turnover leading to greater productivity and customer experience (CX).

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