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Additional Modules

Improve your contact centre’s performance with Puzzel’s additional modules

In addition to delivering a complete contact centre solution, Puzzel also offers a range of additional modules, all designed to enhance the customer experience you deliver.

Puzzel delivers the following additional modules:

  • Puzzel’s ticketing solution gives you the platform you need to successfully manage all your enquiries, cases and customer contacts.
  • Turn every agent into a seasoned expert with a comprehensive knowledgebase solution that fully leverages the knowledge within your contact centre, often within your CRM tool.
  • Puzzel Speech Analytics allows organisations to collect valuable feedback from thousands, even millions of customer calls which can be used to support faster, improved decision-making and take corrective action when necessary.
  • Puzzel has invested in achieving PCI DSS compliance. By working with Puzzel, contact centres will benefit when it comes to security and PCI audits.