Puzzel Contact Centre Solution: Delivering customer service through voice

Puzzel gives agents the necessary tools to handle telephone enquiries effectively. It incorporates a wealth of powerful, specialised features such as Softphone, Outbound Dialler, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Call Recording and Call-Back.

Puzzel’s Voice capabilities at a glance:

  • Puzzel Softphone enables agents to answer calls directly from their computer and removes the need to rely on external telecommunications devices such as landlines or mobiles
  • Puzzel Outbound dialler allows contact centres and sales organisations to efficiently make outbound calls. Puzzel supports preview, power and predictive modes and CRM integrations
  • Puzzel IVR allows customers to complete simple self-service transactions such as bank balance look-ups, gas/electricity/water meter readings and ordering consumer products round the clock without extra staffing or operational costs
  • Puzzel Call Recording allows users to manage their audio catalogue and decide what types of calls or chat conversations to record. It allows managers to record a certain percentage of enquiries, or record at certain times
  • Puzzel can manage all types of call-back requests, including Voice calls, SMS and web enquiries. This gives customers a quick and convenient way to make contact without having to wait in a queue for a response.

Benefits of Puzzel Voice

  • The ergonomic and straightforward interface means users become fully competent with little or no training
  • Puzzel is location independent. The perfect solution for home-workers and remote working staff, the Intelecom platform enables agents to log-in and become active in the contact centre from any location
  • The ability to transfer calls quickly via the search functionality inside Puzzel enhances the customer experience and speed of query resolution
  • Inbound enquiries are automatically routed to agents (skills based routing) to ensure they are answered quickly by the most skilled, first available agent
  • Agents can see the real-time status of queues and monitor their own performance, enabling them to adjust their activities to deliver tangible improvements in customer service
  • Puzzel presents agents with essential caller information and has a powerful search facility. The solution can be integrated into any third party CRM system and links seamlessly with other directories such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Lync and IBM Sametime.
  • Puzzel is continuously improving the functionality and usability of its contact centre technology. As the solution is cloud-based, you will always be on the latest version without any downtime or need for in-house technical resources