Customer Service using Email with Puzzel

Email communicationis still the preferred option for many. As contact centres move towards customer engagement centres, the ability to handle all channels through one integrated solution allows for the central management of all media. At the same time fast response and first time resolution remains at the heart of customer service, therefore, agents need immediate access to enquiries.

Puzzel allows organisations to implement skill-based routing in queues regardless of which channel a customer is using. It can be telephone, social media, SMS, Web-Chat or Email. Each channel is managed by the same intelligent routing algorithm ensuring every request, whatever the media type, is answered by the highest skilled, first available agent.

Puzzel includes a complete Email customer service solution which allows contact centres to:

  • Route and queue email and queries so the agent with the appropriate skills set can respond
  • Transfer Emails to another agent or to another queue, or place it on hold in a personal queue to be answered by the same agent
  • Manage the entire customer interaction, even if the customer chooses to use multiple channels of communication (eg Voice, Social Media, SMS, Web-Chat or Email)
  • Access built-in knowledge-base solutions so agents can respond accurately
  • Measure the performance of Email customer service using a comprehensive range of reports
  • Customise reply messages can be set to provide the user with an immediate response

As a true cloud-based multi-channel contact centre (Voice, Email, SMS, Social Media and Web-Chat) Puzzel provides agents with a total-view of a customer’s interaction with the organisation regardless of channel, thereby providing the ability to identify individual customer needs and enhance customer service.