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Puzzel Conversation Orchestration demo: See Puzzel in action

We believe every customer interaction counts. But to deliver great customer interactions, organisations first need to ensure interactions are seamlessly coordinated across various channels and touchpoints.

That’s what Conversation Orchestration is all about.

In our recent webinar, Mastering the art of Conversation Orchestration, we covered the fundamentals of this approach. Now it’s time to dive into how you can do this yourself with the help of Puzzel’s award-winning customer engagement platform.

In this 30-minute demo session, you’ll learn how to manage and coordinate omnichannel conversations with your customers through our digital engagement solution.

What you’ll learn:

  • How Conversation Orchestration works and why it’s essential for your business (Tip: watch our previous webinar if you want all the details!)
  • How to get started with Puzzel and orchestrate your customer conversations
  • How Puzzel’s Digital Engagement tools let you connect with your customers on their preferred channels
  • Q&A: Have questions? We got the answers!



James Henderson

Senior Sales Engineer at Puzzel