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Mastering the art of Conversation Orchestration

The increase in communication channels has brought both opportunities and challenges to contact centres. As the number of channels increases, so does the potential for back-end chaos and compromised frontline service.

Disconnected channels create silos, trapping valuable customer insights that agents can’t leverage. This leaves customers stuck in a loop, repeatedly providing the same information.

Join this webinar as we delve into the dynamic realm of conversation orchestration and discover how contact centres can truly master this art with Puzzel. In this session, we will explore the strategic importance of orchestrating customer interactions seamlessly across various channels to enhance the overall customer experience.

We’ll guide you through the tools needed to successfully orchestrate conversations in your contact centre, leading to improved self-service options, shorter wait times and a customer experience that stands out.

What we’ll cover:

  • The fundamentals of Conversation Orchestration
  • Your Puzzel toolkit
  • Orchestrating omnichannel experiences through digital engagement
  • Real-world success stories
  • Q&A: Have questions? We got the answers!



Alexander Lunde

Director of Product, Digital at Puzzel


Mashud Ahmed

Product Manager at Puzzel

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