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Empathy in the digital age: Leveraging AI to develop empathetic customer experiences.

Jeanine Desirée Lund
Content Marketing Specialist
Empathy and AI for improved customer experiences

It’s no secret that customers want to feel valued when interacting with your business. In fact, 65% of customers find a positive experience to be more influential than great advertising.  

The crucial role of empathy in customer experience 

As customer expectations are on the rise and a prevalent empathy gap is affecting the market, there has never been a better time for your business to deliver empathetic customer experiences.  

In these stressful times, more than ever, customers are looking for caring, empathetic customer service. Yet, agents are also feeling the same pressures as consumers, which can sometimes negatively impact their ability to deliver what your customers need. You might even have been on the receiving end of poor service yourself. And let’s be honest; it’s not a great feeling.  

At Puzzel, we are all about helping your agents be empathetic with every single interaction. This matters, in fact, according to Gartner, businesses that deploy empathy significantly outperform those that don’t in terms of sales and profit. 

Navigating the challenge of empathetic customer experience  

With the immediacy of digital channels, customers have come to expect swift responses, personalised solutions, and a sense of being genuinely heard and understood, especially in virtual interactions.  

Interestingly, AI can help enhance empathy in customer interactions. Here’s how: 

  • Understanding your customers through sentiment analysis 
    In the digital sphere, where customer interactions often occur through chatbots, email, or social media, businesses risk losing the ability to infer context in their interactions with customers. Sentiment analysis bridges this gap by infusing a human element into digital interactions, enabling your business to demonstrate empathy by understanding and responding to customer emotions effectively.  

    By identifying negative sentiment early, you can take proactive steps to address issues, preventing customer churn and preserving brand reputation. Understanding how your customers feel about your products or services enables you to tailor your responses and strategies, accordingly, addressing concerns and enhancing customer satisfaction. 
  • Personalised recommendations with AI assistants 
    One of the key strengths of Conversational AI is its ability to provide relevant guidance based on context. AI assistants, such as Puzzel’s Agent Assist, can analyse the ongoing interactions between your agents and the customers, identifying relevant keywords and suggesting appropriate responses or actions. By providing personalised recommendations, AI assistants empower your agents to deliver tailored and empathetic service, promoting customer loyalty and satisfaction. This demonstrates to your customers that your business understands their preferences and needs, creating a sense of empathy. 
  • AI chatbots for availability, anytime 
    Nearly 80% of consumers say that speed, convenience, knowledgeable help and friendly service are the most important elements of a positive customer experience. AI chatbots are a pivotal tool for businesses looking to address these customer needs.

    They are available 24/7 to answer customer queries and provide assistance. Utilising AI technology like Natural Language Understanding (NLU), modern chatbots can better understand your customer’s wants and needs. This enables the chatbot to provide more relevant and empathic responses to the customer’s enquiries and messages. What’s more, AI-driven chatbots are constantly learning and evolving, providing better responses with every interaction.  
  • Unlock more time for empathy with AI-driven efficiency  
    As email remains a popular support channel, contact centre agents often find themselves overwhelmed with a full inbox. Implementing an AI-driven ticketing system in your contact centre can significantly enhance email handling productivity, freeing up valuable time for your agents. Take Puzzel’s Case Management as an example. Integrated with Open AI, this solution utilises generative AI to automatically detect the tone and language in customer messages, categorising them as low, medium, or high priority. Moreover, Case Management’s AI capabilities empower agents with automated responses and drafted answers, allowing them to customise and fine-tune responses before sending them to the customer, saving valuable time and effort. 

Striking a balance: the recipe for success

In the pursuit of empathic customer experiences, AI should not replace human interaction but enhance it.  

When used strategically, AI becomes a valuable tool for empowering your customer support teams to deliver more personalised, timely, and empathetic assistance.  

If you’re interested in exploring how AI can help you bring more empathy into your customer experiences, we’re here to help.  

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