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Ensuring an empowering, engaging and effective contact centre career.

Jeanine Desirée Lund
Content Marketing Specialist
Agent experience in contact centre

The contact centre industry suffers from a frustrating and outdated perception; many believe that it is a stopgap for individuals as they pursue wider career opportunities.  

By integrating the right technology within contact centre systems, agents are able to have a more fulfilling and critical role when engaging with customers. Consultative tools, softphones and AI-powered solutions allow agents to offload repetitive tasks to automated systems, removing the pressure of tedious jobs, and improving daily engagement.  
Technology simplifies the complexity of interactions, and eases the processes behind providing timely, effective advice, especially when there is an influx of enquiries. 

In supporting contact centre agents in this way, they are empowered in their role, with performance monitoring and effective training to reinforce confidence. The boost in positive feedback pathways results in continued development and transparent career progression.

The right technology simplifies workflows

Upgrading legacy infrastructure and using the right technology eases the bottlenecks often prevalent in contact centres, especially around monotonous, often manual, and time-consuming tasks. AI-powered tools eliminate this pressure, allowing agents to focus on the high-value tasks that matter most when providing customer support.

When issues arise, smart technology can leverage insights and enable collaboration with wider teams and business units. By involving subject or technical experts in complex scenarios, agents can offer improved advice through a tailored response.

This offers the opportunity to share ownership and responsibility. Contact centre agents are rewarded for assisting in complex situations and are able to organically upskill taking on board feedback from external departments, and deepening their effectiveness in future engagements.

Additionally, hybrid working models have become the norm across industries. Softphones and consultative tools provide the opportunity for flexibility and remote working, improving agent happiness and supporting business resilience. This allows agents to remain engaged and work from everywhere, without sacrificing the viability of a more hands-on approach. 

Improved visibility and fostering positivity

Moving beyond rudimentary metrics that lack contextual analysis, contact centre managers must implement a centralised and standardised framework to easily track metrics across the contact centre. Setting clear goals for agents and following progression closely allows managers to benchmark team performance and provide supplementary training, reinforcing strengths and navigating development areas. This offers deeper, more analytical, and precise feedback.  

Additionally, technology works to address the inherent resourcing challenges that contact centre managers face. Identifying skill sets and key attributes that support contact centre environments allows managers to hire the right staff and offer structured pathways for improvement. Having a clear understanding of what performance metrics are needed is vital for the personal development of new staff, fostering new skills, and improving existing ones.

Providing clarity and transparency over career progression

Contact centres offer more than just interim roles. It’s a rewarding career for both young professionals entering the job market, and experienced people seeking a new challenge. The opportunities for stable progression and skill development ensure a fulfilling, empowering and dynamic career.  

This is enhanced when organisations use the right technology which facilitates professional development into new roles within the industry like customer experience (CX) managers and agents. This allows agents to have a tangible view of their development, boosting confidence and curating a rewarding working environment. 

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