Quickly build a high-performance, more efficient workforce

WFM is our Workforce Management solution that lives in the cloud as a constituent part of the award-winning Puzzel Customer Service Platform. WFM enables contact centre managers to accurately forecast and schedule staffing requirements – which all help to deliver an exceptional customer service.

Why contact centres are turning to WFM

  • A workforce management solution optimised just for Contact Centres
  • A powerful suite of tools, that are intuitive to understand and easy to use
  • Cost-effective, flexible and scalable. WFM is quick to implement and suited to businesses of all shapes and sizes
  • Securely hosted within an enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure. Upgrades, security-patching and version control are seamlessly optimised.

WFM – at a glance

WFM provides an easy-to-use, cloud-based platform which enables forecasting and scheduling for your entire contact centre workforce. Along with many additional functions designed to increase agent retention and reduce administrative overheads.  It has established real-time and historic connectors to integrate with your existing contact centre solution when run independently from the Puzzel Customer Service Platform.

Accurate Forecasting

Base forecasts on auto captured historical trends direct from your contact centre.

Optimised Scheduling

Schedule your agents to be in the best place possible to achieve the highest service level for your customers.

Real-Time Adherence (RTA)

Gain immediate insight into agent performance to support real-time decision making.

WFM – features in detail

Accurate forecasting

Our multi-skill forecasting tool will have you creating, editing and finalising demand for your contact centre in no time.

Forecasting in contact centres can be a long and challenging task when working solely with Excel spreadsheets, especially in today’s multi-skill, omnichannel world. WFM’s intuitive solution design makes this process straightforward for both first time analysts and established resource professionals.

Optimised scheduling

Our super fast scheduler not only provides instant optimised schedules, it also allows you to make real-time changes, so your centre can boost service levels to cope with sudden changes in available employees.

Our simple, yet powerful technology provides a multi-skill, multi-media scheduling system which gives you full control. It includes rotational shifts along with outstanding agent optimisation as standard. As part of Intraday Management you can drag and drop any part of an agent’s shift or add activities at any time.

Real-Time Adherence (RTA)

Gain insight into agent performance to support real-time decision making.

Each agent’s real-time status is graphically displayed, showing what the agent is doing versus what they should be doing and highlighting any differences. Supervisors can easily see at a glance how their teams are performing and immediately identify good and poor agent behaviour. This allows any needed action to be taken real-time and ensures customer service levels continue to be met.

The Puzzel principle

Our solutions all share some core features which we believe are essential to maximising agent engagement and customer experience.

Customised portals, intuitive user-interfaces and intelligent monitoring help deliver a first-class service.

Trusted by award-winning businesses

Josh Kirkbride photoSimply Business logo

“Makes life so much easier”

“Multi selecting out of adherence events is brilliant and a feature I hadn’t thought of but makes life so much easier.”

Josh Kirkbride, Resource Planner at Simply Business

luke sambridgeaffinity water

“It wouldn’t have been possible without Puzzel”

“Our resolution time decreased from five days to three. It wouldn’t have been possible if we didn’t have Puzzel’s omni-channel solution in place!”

Luke Sambridge, Head of Customer Strategy & Experience

Figleaves logo

“We have been a delighted customer of Puzzel for over 10 years”

“With the continued R&D there is always something new to add to an already wide range of features ensuring that communicating with our customer remains seamless. With their great reporting facility, managing your staff, your customer contacts and your workload has never been easier. The support team are friendly and reliable with a real personal touch, ensuring that we have a cloud-based solution that is always up and running.”

Leigh Jansen, Head of Customer Care and Operations at Figleaves

FM24 logo

“Delivering world-class customer service”

“We were looking for a solution that combined the flexibility and scalability necessary to make changes and respond quickly to changing client requirements. Skills-based routing of calls was essential to delivering world-class customer service.”

Sasha Memedovic, Head of Service Delivery at fm24

“Puzzel allowed us to have multiple users dealing with all incoming enquiries.”

“These ranged from course enquiries, directions to the three campuses, to funding enquiries.”

Declan Fallon, Glasgow Clyde College

Puzzel’s complete eco-system intelligently integrates with leading technologies

Microsoft Dynamics 365 logo

Hosted in our enterprise cloud infrastructure, the Puzzel Customer Service Platform combines WFM with our Contact Centre solution, Ticketing and AI solutions.

Customisable to create your own personalised customer service solution using fully integrated products from our technology partners on the Puzzel Marketplace.

Two great packages to choose from:

WFM or Puzzel Customer Service Platform


Comprehensive workforce management capabilities including:

  • Forecasting
  • Scheduling
  • Client & Agent Portal
  • Reporting
  • Real-Time Adherence

Puzzel Customer Service Platform

Maximise your customer experience and contact centre efficiency with Puzzel Customer Service Platform

  • Contact Centre
  • WFM
  • Ticketing
  • Live Share & Screen Share
  • Personalise your own solution using Marketplace
Puzzel Marketplace

All you need for seamless integration

Puzzel Marketplace offers out-of-the-box integrations and upgrades to enhance your customer service system, allowing your Puzzel customer service solution to grow with your business.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Salesforce Appexchange logo (Marketplace) Trustpilot Oracle

Frequently Asked Questions

Workforce Management (WFM) are software solutions that enable organisations and businesses to optimise their staff working schedule. This ensures that people are assigned to the most appropriate tasks for their skills and customer service experience is always optimised.

Contact Centres are complex business units, often with large teams of agents with different levels of skill, knowledge and experience. Some Contact Centres may even combine in-house, offshore and remote workforces so a robust Workforce Management (WFM) system is essential for scheduling staff, forecasting requirements and optimising the customer experience (CX). Frequent staff turnover can be costly, and impacts negatively on morale and productivity. The best Workforce Management systems actively reduce attrition and absences by improving manager-agent communications and providing the framework for e-learning and Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

Scheduling, accurate forecasting and Real-Time Adherence (RTA), are central requirements for all good Workforce Management (WFM) systems, but especially important perhaps for Contact Centres were failing to put a system in place impacts the centre’s efficiency and the overall customer experience (CX). In addition, Contact Centres should look for Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) integration and custom reporting and analysis that provides the data needed for continuous improvement.

Cloud-based solutions are viewed increasingly more favourably over legacy, on-premises solutions. Cloud-based Workforce Management (WFM) systems are more flexible, scalable and manageable as they can be deployed more quickly and they allow Contact Centre managers to combine complex blends of in-house, offshore and remote workforces. Contact Centre businesses should also consider working with Workforce Management solutions that have specific expertise in their sector – this will streamline the initial deployment process and maximise solution utilisation. An option that focuses on Agent retention is also essential, and you should also look for a solution that can easily integrate with your other Contact Centre solutions such as your omnichannel platform, ticketing system and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

Spreadsheets provide a quick-fix for Workforce Management, but they are unwieldy and unsustainable. Most of all, they are extremely prone to human error – either in the formulation or data input. Spreadsheets can, however, often provide a good prototype to illustrate what the Contact Centre business requires. This can rapidly speed up the transference for Contact Centres who switch to a robust cloud-based Workforce Management (WFM) solution. A WFM provider that understands your business and sector can take your spreadsheet data and migrate to a custom solution with little or no impact on your day to day operations.

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