Introducing S2 Communications

The latest addition to the Puzzel family

With 60% of customers [1] saying that when they talk to customer service and sales, they feel like they talk to different companies, it’s clear that there is a gap between the two organisations and that creates disconnections in the customer experience.

With the addition of S2 to the Puzzel family, we can now help our customers to close this gap by giving contact centre and sales one platform so that they can provide customers with a more coherent experience across all touch points.

Having one platform means fewer errors, easier processes, customer data in one place and lower IT redundancy.

Making delivering cohesive customer experiences easy

  • Productivity: Automate repetitive manual tasks so agents can focus on customers’ conversations.
  • Experience: Create a better user experience for agents and make their life easier so that they have time and energy to make the customer feel special.
  • Insights: Visualise all of your sales metrics in a single dashboard so managers and agents can keep track of their performance at all times.

Platform overview

Intelligent auto dialler

S2 improves sales agents’ productivity by automating manual tasks, freeing up your agents, so they have more time to focus on customers’ conversations. S2 intelligent automated dialler continuously calls numbers on a list even if there are no agents available, allowing you to have customers ready for when agents will be available.

S2 can predict when agents will be available based on criteria such as the number of agents, average handling time, and answer rate. It will also automatically display a number with the local area code of the receiver, regardless of the agent’s location, to improve the chances that the customer answers the call.

Geolocation based booking system

Unlike other outbound sales platforms, S2 can better support hybrid teams by offering an automated customer meeting booking system based on geolocation. S2 automatically suggests what time slots are available, on a given day, based on the location of other appointments, on the same day. This helps agents book in seconds and minimises travel time for employees making home visits.

Real-time reporting

S2 includes a real-time reporting dashboard that managers can customise with more than 80 KPIs, including individual and team performance indicators, by picking the metrics they want to visualise. Agents can visualise their performance between calls, so they always know how they are progressing against their targets.

How can I learn more?

To find out exactly how Puzzel’s acquisition of S2 Communications could benefit your company or organisation, we’d love to arrange a short meeting to understand your challenges and show off we can help you.