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Advocating a strict open door policy, our management team is known for being down to earth and transparent with a natural passion to embrace the company’s values. Find out more about the Chief Puzzelers below.

Frederic Laziou

Chief Executive Officer

Frederic loves the outdoors and particularly enjoys competing in triathlons. He’s a true European who has now put down roots in Sweden.

Anna Oom Lindroos

Chief People Officer

Anna has a passion for art, she loves to paint and draw in her free time. She enjoys all elements of nature and the beautiful changes in our four seasons.

Thomas Rødseth

Chief Technical Officer

Thomas loves downhill skiing and has travelled to the best skiing destinations in Europe.

Jo Sverre Lindem

Chief Operational Officer

Jo was a fashion model for Lacoste in his younger days. He loves nature and the outdoors.

Jacob Olsen

Chief Financial Officer

Jacob loves exploring mountains, particularly the Alps, Scottish Highland and the Norwegian Fjell.

Jonathan Allan

Chief Marketing Officer

Jon has lived in the UK, New Zealand, Singapore and Spain. He’s proud to have run a marathon in each country.

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