Introducing Vergic

The latest addition to the Puzzel family

Puzzel adds digital engagement to meet online customer expectations on smart experiences

The contact centre is evolving from a customer service channel into a multifunctional business unit. It’s becoming the face of businesses, capable of connecting with customers across multiple digital and voice channels, delivering proactive and reactive communications, and supporting everything from marketing to sales, billing and support.

In short: the contact centre is no longer just a cost centre, but can be an active driver of loyalty, revenue and value for businesses.

That’s why we believe customer experiences need to get smarter…

Master the digital journey with Vergic

Together with Vergic Digital Engagement, Puzzel can empower your contact centre to become a true experience centre. Vergic enables you to deliver highly personalised, digital experiences based on your customers’ behaviour, value and history. By engaging with your online customers at the right moment, in the most efficient channel for every unique customer, you can help your customers realise the full value of your product or service and drive lasting loyalty.

Vergic solutions at a glance:

Through our acquisition of Vergic, we’re able to extend Puzzel’s formidable platform even further…

  • Digital proactive customer engagement
    Provide proactive, tailored assistance with digital engagement. Each choice of channel and type of engagement offered is dynamic and based on business rules and availability. 
  • Advanced chat bots
    Automatically engage in meaningful conversations with customers 24/7 without increasing headcount. Never miss out on a lead. Let the bot guide the customer, collect contacts and assist agents to save time and resources.
  • Video and co-browsing
    Video chat with customers, share screens and guide them on your website. Deliver a more efficient and personalised customer service and support.

New engagement technology for all your teams

Your contact centre agents will love the extra communication dimension that these additional capabilities provide.
But the benefits to your wider team are equally impressive:

For your CX Managers & Agents

Naturally, your contact centre agents will love the extra communication dimension that these additional capabilities provide. Adding to Puzzel’s exceptional Customer Experience platform, Vergic’s industry-leading communications tools make communication between agents and customers smoother than ever, no matter where they’re based. Frictionless interactions in one unified interface for happy agents and happy customers. And the benefits to your wider team are equally impressive…

For your Marketing and Sales Team…

Marketing and Sales teams will also love the new levels of personalised interactivity we’re bringing. As part of the Puzzel engagement platform, these powerful new technologies provide powerful behaviour analysis which will increase lead conversion and online order value. Cross-sell, up-sell and target prospects in ways you’ve never dreamt of. Sophisticated tracking provides new ways to keep customers engaged and tempt them away from leaving your site before transacting.

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