Total Experience
The technology trend shaking up CX

Total Experience has been pegged as one of the top technology trends to watch in 2022 by Gartner. So what is it and why is it especially important for contact centres this year?

What is Total Experience (TX)?

Total Experience unifies four disciplines: Customer Experience (CX), User Experience (UX), Employee Experience (EX) and Multi Experience (MX) to create a better experience for consumers and employees. The goal is to interconnect and enhance each of these for a more holistic overall experience for all stakeholders.

How is it used today?

Gartner states that Fidelity Spire uses a total experience approach in its financial services. Analytics and AI learn client behaviours to proactively respond to a client’s next action and to create realistic training simulations for staff. Unified identity services help clients move easily through self-service onboarding and provide integration to the advisor’s view, across multiple touchpoints.

What does Total Experience look like in action?

Finding ways to improve your MX, UX, CX and EX all in one fell swoop isn’t easy – but it can be done! Gartner describes one large telecommunications company that improved its TX by developing a new appointment system in response to Covid 19. When a customer now comes within 75 feet of a store, they are automatically sent a notification via the company’s app that guides them through the check-in process. Once in store, employees are then able to use tablets to co-browse with customers and guide them without physically touching their personal devices.

Why is TX important for contact centres in 2022?

Research shows that while most customer-facing employees want to provide outstanding customer experiences, many do not feel enabled to do so. This could be because their technology is too clunky or complex or perhaps due to broader cultural problems. Incorporating TX into your contact centre strategy can therefore help you design a 360-degree experience that empowers and motivates your agents, reduces effort and improves your customer service.

New customer behaviours, expectations and channel preferences, combined with more unpredictable demand and agile working practices mean the time is ripe for innovation and a more unified approach.

“To succeed in today’s experience-driven economy, businesses must take a more holistic approach.”

“Breaking down silos and unifying your brand experience will not only deliver happier customers and employees but help remove barriers and transform your business.”

Puzzel CEO, Frederic Laziou

Things to remember…

  • Multi-Experience refers to…
    the overall experience of your brand, product and/or service across various channels and devices
  • User Experience refers to…
    the design, usability and functionality of your product or service
  • Customer Experience refers to…
    the overall look, feel and quality of your interactions with customers at every touchpoint across their journey
  • Employee Experience refers to…
    the overall look, feel and quality of your interactions with employees at every point within their career or tenure with your company, from recruitment to retirement

How to get started with TX?

Instruct teams pursuing experience improvement initiatives to partner with and learn from others.
Make all leaders of experience-related initiatives equally responsible for solving the combined needs of customers and employees.

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