Puzzel Contact Centre for Travel and Hospitality

Restore trust in travel with exceptional customer service

Great customer experience is your ticket to great travel experience

Every passenger’s travel starts long before they check in to your flight, hotel or cruise ship. With Puzzel’s omnichannel customer service platform, you can deliver personalised digital experiences for each and every customer and scale your service operations at any time to fit your needs.

After the challenges of the pandemic, your customer service is key to restoring trust in travel and booking holidays with confidence. Puzzel is the technology partner you can rely on to guide and assist you on this journey.

A customer service platform designed for travel and hospitality: 

  • Digital-first customer service
    Meet your customers’ modern needs with live digital support and self-service channels, all managed in one platform
  • Personalised interactions
    Build relationships and demonstrate empathy with a 360-degree view of every customer, including their previous interactions and sentiment
  • AI-powered efficiency
    Use AI and automation to speed up workflows, solve more customer cases, and scale up during seasonal demand 

Impress your travellers with customer experience that’s out of this world

Be prepared for anything

When the unexpected happens – be the company travellers can rely on for fast and effective support. With the Puzzel Customer Service Platform, you can communicate proactively with your customers to keep them up to date on important changes to your services. Send alerts directly to their phones to inform them of weather events, travel restrictions, or delays. Use AI-powered chatbots to triage enquiries and scale up services during periods of high demand. And use intelligent forecasting and scheduling tools to ensure your teams always have the right number of people with the right skills in place to meet travellers’ needs.

Personalise your customer interactions

Puzzel can integrate with any CRM and provides agents with a 360° view of every customer so they can deliver highly personalised service and support. With most holiday bookings now taking place online, our digital engagement tools can also help you support people on your website in real-time and at scale. Create triggers to automatically engage visitors at key moments in their customer journey and ensure they finalise their bookings and payments. Use chatbots to help customers with repetitive tasks, such as filling out forms, resetting passwords and answering frequently asked questions. And enable agents to video chat or co-browse with customers when they need extra support.

Build trust and loyal customers

People are craving holidays more than ever. So now is the time to win back customers and rekindle the joy of travelling! Puzzel provides all the tools you need to successfully rebuild your workforce and deliver on your promise of faster and more empathetic service:

  • Puzzel Agent Assist enables you to onboard agents quickly and train them on the job
  • Intelligent routing and real-time analytics dashboards ensure managers and supervisors are always in control of channel volumes and performance
  • Puzzel Quality Assurance automatically identifies interactions that need attention and helps managers deliver personalised coaching to continually improve agent skills and customer experience

Trusted by leading travel companies

“With Puzzel’s contact centre solution, we have a much better insight into our business”

“We can see the total picture and allocate resources efficiently. We can also monitor calls and identify where we have gaps in staffing that might have an effect on service. It means we can constantly improve and respond to customers to provide the best service.”

Scandic Stockholm Reservations Desk

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“Working with Puzzel has been a smooth and easy ride”

“We decided to invest further in the Puzzel platform by upgrading and expanding it across all three Scandinavian countries to create one single, standardised contact centre. Based on our previous and very positive experience of using Puzzel’s contact centre solution, we felt confident it was the right solution for our overall mission to provide the best value for time and money to Nordic travellers.”

Director of IT/Voice Solutions at Scandinavian Airlines

Proudly recognised for our standards and vision

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Leading CCaaS innovator in Europe

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