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Streamline your customer service and help desk operations with
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Great customer service starts with the right tools. With the Puzzel Customer Service Platform, you can deliver live support and self-service experiences your customers will love, all within a single platform. Combine next-generation contact centre, digital engagement, workforce management and case management tools to serve customers more efficiently and reach your performance goals!

A customer service platform built for IT and telecom providers:

  • Smart customer experiences
    Meet your customers’ modern needs with a range of live and self-service channels all managed in one cloud platform
  • Fully customisable
    Integrate your contact centre with your favourite third-party apps and devices, including CRMs, payment solutions and headsets
  • Safe and secure
    Puzzel is ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified to ensure the highest quality service and security for your customers

Smart experiences your customers will love

Understand your customers’ needs

Puzzel provides a 360° view of every customer so you can deliver highly personalised service and support. See their contact details, customer journey, previous interactions and sentiment to understand exactly what they need and how you can add value to their experience. Our open software integrates seamlessly with internal databases and leading CRMs, such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and Zendesk. With Puzzel Digital Engagement, you can also build a profile of every person who visits your website based on their browsing behaviour and create triggers to proactively engage them at crucial moments in their journey. Whether they’re shopping for a new phone or looking for support, you’ll never miss an opportunity to convert or drive customer satisfaction.

Deliver smart self-service – backed by humans

Empower your customers to help themselves online and over the phone! With our omnichannel contact centre tools, you can build voice bots, chatbots, automated email and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) journeys to assist customers with common tasks, such as resetting their password, checking their account balance or reporting an issue. Create online knowledgebases where customers can search for information about your products and services or find answers to FAQs. And when customers need a little extra help, come to the rescue with a friendly video call or share your screen to get them back on track.

Unify your service teams

Puzzel keeps your teams connected when they’re working from home, in the office, or anywhere in between. Agents can log in from any location, on any device, and collaborate via Microsoft Teams – making it perfect for hybrid working and international teams. With everybody working in the same solution, you’ll deliver more consistent customer service, spend less time and money on maintenance, and produce richer reports. No more having to chase teams for excel files and consolidate performance stats! Puzzel also provides workforce management (WFM) and quality assurance (QA) tools to help managers create efficient schedules, track team performance, and deliver personalised agent coaching.

Drive efficiency and performance

Harness the power of AI and automation to increase productivity and transform your contact centre from a cost centre into a profit centre. With Puzzel, you can: – Build chatbots to automate repetitive and mundane customer requests, so agents can focus on higher value tasks – Ensure every customer is routed to the right agent the first time with skills-based routing – Manage, prioritise and track customer emails with Puzzel Case Management – Blend inbound and outbound calls to keep agents engaged and productive throughout their shifts – Automatically guide online customers to the most efficient channel for their enquiry based on your agent availability, workload and opening hours with Puzzel Digital Engagement

Trusted by award-winning businesses

TieTa logo

“Being outsourcers, we really need to scale up sometimes very, very quickly and Puzzel allows us to do that.”

“It’s brilliant with the license cost, it’s brilliant with the ease of the system and the training. It gives us that flexibility to offer our customers the opportunity to scale up and down as much as they like during busy periods.”

Tom Horne, COO, TieTa

“It wouldn’t have been possible without Puzzel”

“Puzzel has been a great partner to work with. We were looking to solve the agent problem as we wanted to give all Swedish citizens the opportunity to be an ambassador for Sweden. Thanks to Puzzel’s solution, we managed to get this working for everyone. This is exactly why we chose to work with Puzzel. In addition, we felt their solution was suitable from a security perspective.”

Project Manager, Ingo Stockholm at The Swedish Number 

“Customers expect a quick response, and with Workforce Management (WFM) we have significantly reduced the response time.”


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