Proactive Customer Service

If you want to make customer service your competitive advantage, you need to deliver proactive customer service, not just reactive. Find out our top tips to create a personalised, contextual experience.

Proactive customer service = making the first move

No customer wants to be reaching out to customer service. Imagine a world where your favourite brands reached out to you when they anticipated a problem. Better yet, resolved it or presented a solution. Here are some great ways to move the needle on proactive customer service in your contact centre.

Harnessing data

A lot of proactive customer service comes down to anticipating customer needs and providing an answer before a question is even asked. But to do this, you need to know your customers. Start by harnessing your data to better understand your customers needs. Choose a CCaaS provider that seamlessly integrates into your CRM.

Automated messaging

What’s the point of proactive messaging if you can’t get through to the customer? SMS and email are on of the most popular customer service channels. Did you know 98% of people read any SMS they receive on their mobile within minutes?

With SMS and Email messaging, you can easily automate messaging via smart bots and rule-based solutions. By segmenting your audience, you can send automated reminders with a click of a button!

Proactive rule engine

With Digital Engagement, you have complete control over your channels in real-time. Based on your customer’s intent and context, together with your service availability, you can engage and direct them down the service path best suited for them.

Puzzel Digital Engagement lets you proactively connect with the visitor’s digital journey to improve customer experience as well as service and sales productivity.

Smart Chatbot

Puzzel’s Smart Chatbot isn’t just any old chatbot. Its proactive and contextual information allows you to better support your customer’s needs. Puzzel Smart Chatbot quickly guides the customer to a resolution leading to a vastly improved customer experience compared to a traditional, reactive bot solution.


Turn every agent into a seasoned expert with a comprehensive knowledgebase solution. Puzzel’s knowledgebase interface is available to agents via a web app and can be accessed from the agent application. Quick and easy access to relevant information allows agents to resolve enquires faster and more consistently.

And that’s just the start!

The benefits of adopting a proactive customer service strategy are countless.
The best part is that you can kick-start your proactive customer service strategy with one easy-to-implement product: Puzzel Digital Engagement.

With Puzzel Digital Engagement, you can accurately predict customer intent (so your agents are one step ahead of their callers) to pre-warning agents about possible problems (imagine picking up a call with a warning that the customer sounds angry). There’s a lot more exciting innovation still to come.

Trusted by award-winning businesses 

“With a 26% increase in conversion, email reduction of 40% and a 70% reduced handling time thanks to the chatbot which pre-processes dialogues before handing over to a human agent, we are more than happy. We can now provide accurate personalised service at all levels, especially to our 1.2 million loyalty members who choose to use digital channels.” 

Chérie Dahlin, Customer Service Manager at Granngården

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