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Uncovering the voice of the customer with AI

Customers are every company’s first priority. But how many companies get to know the individuals among their customer masses? Many struggle with understanding their customers and hearing their needs, thoughts and opinions. However, answers to all these questions can be found in your customer service centre.

On March 10, we invite you to a webinar together with our new Marketplace partner, Lumoa! We will discuss the sources of the voice of the customer, the insights that are hiding in customer support, and different use cases for customer insights.

Register to find out how you can hear the voice of your customers, which might already be hiding in your contact centre!

About Puzzel and Lumoa

Puzzel is the leading European CCaaS solution. Our award-winning solutions are used by businesses across the world – from smaller enterprises to global corporations – to improve customer service, streamline workflows and empower employees. We’re supported by a strong network of partners who are committed to sharing knowledge and working to help drive business and success. Lumoa is one of them, and helps global brands and leaders to empower everyone within their organisation to make the right decisions based on voice of customer.


Carlos del Corral

CEO and co-founder, Lumoa

Spiros Mohlin

Partner Success Manager, Puzzel

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