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UKCCF Executive Club Event | Puzzel London

UKCCF Executive Club Event – 7th March 2018

Historically self-service in contact centres has been used to reduce the number of calls and enable agents to focus on more complex calls and high-value customers while reducing costs. However, is it time to look at self-service from a customer’s point of view and a way of adding value?

This event will give you an opportunity to meet Puzzel’s Bot – Ruby – during a live Chat Interface question and answer session, and to discuss with other Club members where they see self-service going in the next couple of years.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • How to personalise the self-service experience and add more value
  • How to keep multi-channel self-service in sync
  • Will self-service ultimately mean no conversations in contact-centres?
  • Is the future of customer service moving from digital information to digital self-service?
  • What is your organisation’s aim when it comes to self-service – less agents or an improved customer experience?

In terms of Artificial Intelligence for self-service in contact centres:

  • How will AI work with IVR – the benefits and drawbacks?
  • What use are you making of AI to capture customer interactions?
  • Can AI empower self-service and agents? (FAQs etc)
  • How important is it to involve customers in the design of self-service and the introduction of Bots?
  • Where to start with AI for self-service and where do you hope to finish
  • Where will the potential cost savings be or will it be more costly?
  • What is a typical 2 year plan for self-service and AI?

By the end of the session, attendees will have the opportunity to outline what good self-service will look like in their own contact centre in 2020.

9.00 – 9.30

Coffee & Registration

9.30 – 12.00

Roundtable Discussion Group

• Introduction from Colin Hay, VP UK Sales – Puzzel Cloud Contact Centre Provider – 10 minutes
• Meet Ruby – Puzzel’s Bot via a live Chat Interface question and answer session – 10 minutes
• Roundtable Discussion – 2 hours with a 20 minute break for coffee and refreshments