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Part 1: Evolution of the Contact Centre

The outcomes of the first wave of in-depth research into the evolving contact centre will be shared.

At the end of July, we conducted the first of three waves of deep diving research into what contact centre leaders are really doing in the wake of the coronavirus. In partnership with the CCMA, we studied the impact of lockdown on colleagues, the customer experience and the operation and asked whether the changes made are sustainable.

During this one-hour virtual event CCMAs Research Director, Stephen Yap, will share the outcomes of a series of focus groups with senior leaders representing a wide variety of vertical sectors. We will explore:

  • What recent changes are likely to be permanent
  • Plans for investment and how this has changed since the pandemic
  • How the customer journey is changing
  • Changes in roles, skills and competences required
  • What metrics are most important now
  • The changing relationship between the contact centre and other functions

Please join us as we help the industry prepare for the long term. A report will be available following this event and we will send it to all those that attend.

By registering to this event, you are agreeing to allow Puzzel to share your data with our partners, the CCMA. Please note, we may use your data to get in touch to provide more information around the event. If you would like further information on how your data may be used please visit our website at https://www.puzzel.com/nl/about-us/trust-centre/gdpr/