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Get Connected 2018

Event Closed: Exceptional Customer Experience – People, Process and Technology

Our annual customer experience event attracts over 150 contact centre professionals across the UK. Join us and our panel of experts to learn about:

Emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Bots and Speech Analytics are changing the customer experience. Yet humans remain at the heart of every contact centre experience. In this conference we explore what customers expect in terms of service and what it takes to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Compliance requirements such as GDPR and PCI DSS are often seen as an administrative burden in contact centres. We explore the opportunity compliance presents to review processes around sensitive customer data to benefit both your customers and your organisation.

Contact centre technology can be confusing and overwhelming. We put technology to the test to ensure an exceptional customer experience matched by cost effective delivery. It’s not about technology, rather how you intelligently use technology to create exceptional customer experiences.

Get Connected is a free conference and places are limited, be sure to book your place now!

Guest speakers

Ziba Goddard

Head of Core Consulting, Cowry Consulting

Following an undergraduate degree in Experimental Psychology and a Masters in Clinical Psychology, Ziba was drawn to business and spent time working in organisational effectiveness at Bank of New York Mellon.

Ziba is currently Head of Core Consulting at Cowry Consulting and uses the latest thinking in Behavioural Economics, psychology and ‘nudge’ theory to deliver award-winning programmes for clients such as Tesco, Sky and Aegon.

Jason Bartram

Head of Resource Planning, Ombudsman Services

As Head of Planning for Ombudsman Services, the Communications and Energy Ombudsman, Jason is responsible for ensuring that Ombudsman Services are resourced and skilled to support complainants in a timely and efficient manner; including monitoring future trends, complaint tracking, continuous improvement and promoting forecasting excellence.

He is proud of his key role in dramatically improving the Operational KPI’s and his contribution to Ombudsman Services winning a key Contact Centre award in 2017 at the first attempt. Not one for standing still his upcoming challenge is to establish “Next” practice in the use of Voice Analytics.

Tony Smith

Sales Director, PCI Pal

Tony’s experience in customer management and IT spans over 25 years – years that have been shaped by rapid change, the rise of digital channels, the emergence of cloud computing and a re-writing of the rules for customer engagement in an increasing regulated environment.

Tony’s joined PCI-PAL in November 2016, as Sales Director for EMEA. PCI-PAL is a suite of solutions designed to help run your customer contact operations in adherence with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). All solutions have been developed for the contact centre market by a team of contact centre specialists.

Carolyn Blunt

MD, Ember Real Results

After completing a degree in Management Sciences at Manchester University, and a post-graduate Diploma in People Management (CIPD), Carolyn worked in HR and L&D for both large and small employers before becoming an in-house Training Consultant at Fujitsu Services in the Service Desk division.

In 2003 Carolyn set up Real Results Training Consultancy (now merged with Ember) and remained very much in the world of Service Desks, Contact Centres and Customer Services, working with clients such as United Utilities, Bupa, Serco and the Co-operative Insurance designing both front line and leadership programmes and huge culture change programmes.


Arrivals & Registration


Welcome note

Colin Hay

VP Sales, Puzzel


Understanding Homer Simpson: the key to better conversations with customers

This talk on Behavioural Economics will show how our brains can jump to conclusions, how your customers make decisions and how you can ‘nudge’ people to change their behaviour. Cowry will present what factors affect purchasing decisions, how these decisions can be biased and the mental shortcuts we all use when spending our money. Cowry will show how they’ve applied these learnings from Behavioural Economics in contact centres to improve customer and company outcomes.

Ziba Goddard

Head of Core Consulting, Cowry Consulting


How Ombudsman Services uses Speech Analytics to be “Good for Consumers – Good for Business”

An unmissable session which gives practical insight into deploying Speech Analytics technology. Six months into deployment of Call Miner, Ombudsman Services have already started to derive benefit from implementing Speech Analytics.

This embryonic case study will look at how benefits can be obtained quickly delivering on the Ombudsman Services vision of being Good for Consumer – Good for Business. In this session Jason will explore how you can you set yourself up to succeed and how to set about turning observation into actionable insight in a post GDPR world.

Jason Bartram 

Head of Resource Planning, Ombudsman Services


Coffee break


Compliance and customer experience – The Perfect Match

Join Tony to hear how PCI DSS compliance can have a positive influence on customer experience in the contact centre.

What attendees will learn:
• What are the challenges in achieving compliance in the Contact Centre
• How to achieve compliance without impacting on CX
• Homeworking challenges
• How to de-scope the contact centre

Tony Smith

Sales Director, PCI Pal


Don’t Neglect the Humans

With all the progress of automated technologies taking over the more simplistic customer engagements, it’s easy to neglect the humans. Gartner predict that by 2020, 85% of all interactions won’t involve a human. But the ones that do will likely be the more complex enquires that require moral judgement and empathy. We need to support our agents as it’s these interactions that will really make our organisation stand out and impact loyalty and metrics. In these fast paced, digital times it’s important to ensure that your agents are ready and engaged for the ride. In this session Carolyn will share thoughts on skills development and employee engagement for the next wave of change.

Carolyn Blunt

MD, Ember Real Results


Trends, Technology …and Beyond

As new technologies, evolving regulations and consumer demands transform customer interactions, a holistic approach to customer experience is critical.

The contact centre industry faces a future of complexity, opportunity and challenge. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Bots are changing the customer experience. Consumers expect instant, round-the-clock availability. Social engineering is feeding a rise in the threat from fraud.

The wealth of current and emerging technologies can be overwhelming, making it difficult to know which technologies are the right investment for your business.

This presentation will help inform your understanding of the main trends in the market, emerging technologies and what they offer, and will suggest steps that you can take to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Kristoffer Lundnes 

VP Innovation, Puzzel


Networking & Lunch


Our globally accessible cloud platform empowers organisations to take payments securely without bringing their environments into scope of PCI DSS and other relevant data security rules and regulations.

With the entire product portfolio served from PCI Pal’s cloud environment, integrations with existing telephony, payment and desktop environments is simple and light-touch, ensuring no degradation of service while achieving security and compliance.


We help organizations simplify and modernize the way they engage customers through their contact center, branch, back office and marketing departments. Our market-leading broad portfolio of cloud and hybrid solutions is designed with the latest artificial intelligence and advanced analytics technologies to deliver greater automation and shared intelligence that drives real business impact. Verint is your partner to make customer engagement a strategic advantage and a strong competitive differentiator for your organization. With over two decades of experience helping more than 10,000 organizations worldwide create lasting value, we’re a global leader in customer engagement.


Our work flow system for email handling in customer service, integrated with the Puzzel contact centre solution, leverages text recognition to analyze all incoming emails to propose answers, assign case numbers, and automatically assign them to the correct queues or agents. With our system, you will never lose track of your customer email interactions, and we make sure they are always handled consistently. Cention brings email handling in contact centres into the 21st century.

Cowry Consulting

At Cowry, we understand how your customers make decisions, to make every interaction count. We use a scientific approach to behaviour, by applying the latest thinking in Behavioural Economics, psychology and ‘nudge’ theory. We provide businesses with the science behind customer experience.

Ember Real Results

We are a business services group providing specialist management consultancy, training, analytics and executive search. We’re joined by a shared ethos, of doing the right thing for our clients, and a shared focus on the customer experience and how to improve it – with the end goal of increasing value for our clients.

Many of our people are industry practitioners who have spent most of their careers in the roles that our clients often hold. Others bring specialist skills, honed in diverse sectors and on successful projects for organisations across the globe.

We are proudly independent and inspired by innovation and change.