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A woman smiles as she talks into a headset. TieTa's logo is positioned in the top left corner.

TieTa Case Study

TieTa improves agent experience and slashes wait times for customers with Puzzel’s omnichannel cloud contact centre solution.

The requirement

TieTa is an award-winning provider of outsourced contact centre services based in Banbury, Oxfordshire. Its expert team of agents work with businesses across a range of industries – from financial to automotive services – delivering support to more than 500,000 customers. 

TieTa’s primary services include inbound and outbound customer service, vulnerable customer management, telesales, marketing, debt recovery, arrears management and complaints handling. Businesses can tailor their services to suit their unique needs with dedicated or shared teams of agents that can be scaled up and down when required. 

To support such a dynamic operation, TieTa needed a contact centre solution that was flexible, scalable and omnichannel. It also wanted a solution that was easy to use and which could produce detailed analytical reports to aid its business decision making. 

The solution

After comparing several solutions on the market, TieTa chose Puzzel’s cloud-based Contact Centre and Ticketing solutions for their flexibility, ease of use, and reporting tools. The company had also heard good feedback from customer service agents at a partner company that used Puzzel.

“I’ve worked with different systems over my eight-and-a-half years in this chair, and so far the agent feedback on what system has been the easiest to use has been Puzzel. It’s always great to have that feedback from the agents because they are the ones actually using the system,” Operations Director Risto Proosa said.

When it came time to switch over, a Puzzel account manager visited TieTa’s office to observe how they operated and discuss their business goals. TieTa was then able to implement their new solution in just a few hours with minimal downtime. 

The results

With Puzzel, TieTa has seen an improvement in its performance across the board. The ability to service all channels in one unified system has slashed wait times for customers and led to lower abandonment rates. It has also improved their agent experience, cutting down effort and boosting efficiency. 

“Having all the systems across one platform makes it so much more efficient for the agent,” Risto said. “You can also really dive into the metrics. It’s given us more overview and more visibility, which has led us to make better operational decisions.”

Puzzel has enabled TieTa to become more agile, including scaling its services to meet the changing needs of its customers and making homeworking a permanent part of its business strategy.

“Being outsourcers, we really need to scale up sometimes very, very quickly and Puzzel allows us to do that. It’s brilliant with the license cost, it’s brilliant with the ease of the system and the training. It gives us that flexibility to offer our customers the opportunity to scale up and down as much as they like during busy periods,” COO Tom Horne said.

Here’s what TieTa had to say

TieTa logo

“Switching to Puzzel was super easy … our agents didn’t actually need much training. It was almost like when we went live, they could just start using it right there.”

Risto Proosa, Operations Director at TieTa