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Web Chat

Delivering customer service through web chat

How can you provide smarter service for digital customers? 

Web Chat provides your customers with a convenient way to get in touch via your website.  It can be easily configured to switch on and off depending on agent availability, skills or other business conditions, and help reduce costs and boost productivity. 

Easy customisation 
Our Web Chat interface is completely customisable, allowing you to choose the right font, colour, shape and size for your brand 

Flexible configurations 
Create unique web chats for each section of your website, tailoring your welcome messages to suit the content on each page 

Chat surveys  
Never miss the opportunity to capture the voice of the customer by including a survey at the end of every Web Chat conversation 

URL tracking 
Take advantage of URL tracking to understand your customer’s browsing behaviours and offer more personalised, relevant service 

The benefits of Web Chat

  • Web Chat allows your customers to interact with you via their smartphone, tablet or PC 
  • Agents can handle multiple chat enquiries simultaneously within the Puzzel Agent Application 
  • Quality monitoring is made easy, as each conversation is recorded. Customers are also given the option to have the chat conversation transcript emailed to them for future reference 
  • Reflect a professional, polished image with special features such as spell-check functionality and personal dictionaries 
  • Our cloud contact centre solution allows your agents to work from anywhere, at any time, and is always improving to make sure you’re using the best tech