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Delivering customer service through voice

How can you provide exceptional customer service with a human touch?

Puzzel Voice equips agents with all the tools they need to handle telephone enquiries effectively. Our intuitive software makes inbound and outbound calling simple, while skills-based routing ensures customers receive the best possible service every time.

Softphone enables agents to answer calls directly from their computer, tablet or mobile device, removing the need for landlines and clunky infrastructure

Outbound Dialler
Outbound Dialler allows contact centres and sales organisations to efficiently make outbound calls. Puzzel supports preview, power and predictive modes and CRM integrations

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) automates routine tasks and allows customers to complete simple self-service transactions 24/7 without the need for extra staff

Voice Recording
With Voice Recording and Silent Monitoring, managers can record and listen to agent calls, track compliance, identify skills gaps and improve service quality

The Benefits of Voice

  • We offer standard and advanced voice packages, plus a range of add-ons to help you build the right solution for your contact centre
  • With skills-based routing, calls are automatically directed to agents based on their experience, knowledge and capacity, ensuring customers get the right support every timeThe ability to transfer calls quickly via the search functionality inside Puzzel enhances the customer experience and speed of query resolution
  • Puzzel Voice also offers Call-Out, Audio Management, Callback and Switchboard to help your agents deliver fast, effective and convenient service
  • Agents can see the real-time status of queues and monitor their own performance, enabling them to adjust their activities to deliver tangible improvements in customer service
  • Our cloud contact centre solution allows your agents to work from anywhere, at any time, and is always improving to make sure you’re using the best tech